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·         RootsFinder accelerates Findmypast's development of the Findmypast Tree.

·         Acquisition marks the latest step in Findmypast's drive to innovate and enhance user discoveries.

·         RootsFinder founder, Dallan Quass, joins the Findmypast team to assist with future integration work and tree development


Leading family history website, Findmypast, has acquired RootsFinder Inc. and their critically acclaimed RootsFinder family tree product, including new features to help customers analyze their DNA results.


The acquisition reflects Findmypast's drive to innovate and enhance their customer experience by providing users with new ways to curate, share and explore their family history discoveries.


The acquisition will serve to help Findmypast and its partners accelerate development towards the new "Findmypast Tree" – a continuing effort that seeks to connect users anywhere in the world and offer them the opportunity to discover their family history by working together.  


Founded in 2014 by Dallan Quass, RootsFinder is a free online family tree builder that provides users with the ability to collect and store data from a variety of online sources, engaging ways to capture and visualize media, family connections as well as powerful tools to analyze DNA results. RootsFinder has established itself as popular resource for genealogists across the world and was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2017 RootsTech Innovator Showdown.


Findmypast will look to make use of a number of RootsFinder features in the development of the new tree including data storage, enhanced gedcom uploads, community collaboration, DNA visualizations, error checking and 3rd party hints. These features will enable family historians to improve accuracy and uncover new leads through collaboration with fellow researchers.


There are no plans to change the features and services RootsFinder users currently enjoy and RootsFinder will continue to operate as a standalone product for the foreseeable future.


RootsFinder founder, Dallan Quass, will be joining the Findmypast team as SVP of Family History Technology and will assist with future integration work and development of the new tree. Dallan brings with him a wealth of experience in building family history platforms, machine learning, and search technologies.


Dallan Quass, founder of RootsFinder said: "Findmypast's commitment to novice and experienced genealogists alike is inspiring. We are thrilled to be part of their drive to make family history discoveries fun and rewarding for everyone regardless of skill level. Using extensive record collections and leading-edge technology, Findmypast and RootsFinder will help more people than ever before to discover who they are."


Tamsin Todd, CEO of Findmypast said: "With RootsFinder, Dallan Quass has once again demonstrated his passion for innovating in family history. We are excited to add a product that is so well regarded by genealogists to the Findmypast family, and it will form a key part of our product roadmap as we work to make family history accessible and easy for users at all stages of their discovery journeys."




To find out more about RootsFinder, visit:

For more information, to request images or to discuss feature opportunities, please contact:

Alex Cox:, +44 7464 946769




About Findmypast

Findmypast is the British-owned world leader in online family history with over 8.4 million registered users across its family of brands, which include Findmypast, Genes Reunited, the British Newspaper Archive and Twile.

Its lead brand, also called Findmypast, is the home of the world's most comprehensive online collection of British and Irish records, including:


●        The largest online collection of UK parish records

●        Twice the number of Irish records available on any other site

●        The British Library's vast collection of historical newspapers

●        The exclusive Catholic Heritage Archive, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to digitize the historical records of the Catholic Church in North America, Britain and Ireland for the very first time.

Findmypast is committed to making discoveries in the British Isles easier than ever before. It combines the best of British and Irish data with the knowledge of inhouse experts to provide a unique family history experience that guides researchers through every step of their journey.


For more information on how Findmypast is enhancing the experiences of family historians worldwide, visit:


About RootsFinder


RootsFinder's family tree makes family history easy to research and easy to share. After 100's of usability tests, RootsFinder was established in 2014. Its intuitive interface guides the beginner with hints from over 13 record providers including FindMyPast, FamilySearch, Ancestry and MyHeritage, making research easier than it has ever been. Its WebClipper makes copying records into your tree a snap. In 2017, RootsFinder launched DNA visualization tools that make DNA analysis accessible and fun for ordinary people. With FamilySearch integration and advanced tools such as embedded research logs, analysis reports, a ToDo creator and access to tools like GenSmarts and TreeSeek, RootsFinder satisfies the needs of the experienced genealogist. Editable reports, printable photo mosaics, a video maker and media wall make family history shareable with non-genealogists. At long last, everything the family historian needs is state of the art and in one place.


Previous quotes on the RootsFinder product:


"I am going to use this as the main research tool immediately. I have been a genealogist for over 30 years, use FamilySearch and Ancestry at least 5 hours a day. To find a product that flows so well and interacts with [FamilySearch] is exciting." – Amy Moser

"The very best feature of RootsFinder often goes unmentioned. It's simply the best evidence-based family tree program out there."  – Ryan Ross  














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