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Revista Genealogica , en linea y gratuita: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" December 2018 http://www.somosprimos.com/sp2018/spdec18/spdec18.htm

Somos Primos "We are Cousins" December 2018
Online,copy and paste.  Does not require downloading.

Dear Family, Friends, and Primos:

With so much happening politically, and so many social changes, this is
a good time to enjoy old family and local community traditions, or even
start some new personal or family traditions.

A few years ago, I decided rather than send Christmas cards to family
and some old friends, I would call.  Emails are nice, and keep us up to
date, but hearing the voice of a loved ones is special.   I really look
forward to December for this yearly, lengthy "catching-up" call.

My daughter told me that this year she and her husband are starting a
new tradition.  They are going to assemble costumes and store them for
their annual nativity reenactment.  She is adding that to baking
Christmas cookies and decorating a Gingerbread house.  She has done with
her grandchildren, since her oldest grandchild now seven, was three. 
She looks forward to it, as much as the children do.
There is something very warm and special about old memories which
contribute to a family history.  Create memories.
Sharing a couple of very special stories about the Virgin Mary.   On the
heels of the Six-Day War, the middle-east was in the midst of the
Arab-Israeli conflict.  On April 2, 1968, in the city of Zeitoun, Egypt,
a suburb outside Cairo, the mother of our Lord,  appeared miraculously
to thousands. Photos were taken and healings were contributed to her
presence.   The second story, is about her appearance to a Jewish
Harvard Professor.  The heavens are concerned with us and world
conditions, surely peace on earth should be in our hearts.

Please note: If you are a recent subscriber (as of April) please write
again. Thank you.

Wishing everyone a very special Christmas y Feliz Navidad.


George H.W. Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94, December 1, 2018
The Present American Revolution by Victor Davis Hanson
Map: Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English
Map: Most Commonly Spoken Languages after English and Spanish.
11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th month -- 100 Yrs Ago by Victor
Davis Hanson
Who is Victor Davis Hanson?
Hillsdale Dialogues:  "Churchill and World War I"
Global rising tide of anti-Semitism
Abraham Lincoln and the Jews: 10 Fascinating Facts
This Thanksgiving, let's give thanks to the Jewish people.Judge: Law
banning female genital mutilation unconstitutional
The de Riberas and the Korean War by Michael S. Perez
Intersectionality . . . a new political term
How Indonesia's Chicken Church went from dream to reality
First Step Act, a bipartisan effort at prison reform
People magazine is reporting that we lost 92 famous celebrities in 2017
Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder - citizens save lives by Robert Morse
Honduras, Hondurans and the Caravan
San Diego State Un. Offers a Class on strategies for Impeachment of a US
President ?
Congratulations to Michael E. Perez on his Judicial Appointment to OCSC!
Lisa Fernandez '95: Assistant Coach, Softball
Elephants, Fathers, and Families by Sarah Keenan
A "Latino American Dream" Interview with Award-Winning Actress Rita

Mamá's 15th Anniversary: An Appreciation by J. Gilberto Quezada
Preston's Journey to Becoming a Black Belt by Mimi Lozano
Download free Christmas resources from CBN for your family this
Christmas season!
Also, go to:
Happy Holidays in 1953 – The Learning years  by Rudy Padilla
Artist, José María Feliciano "Chano" Lozano by J. Gilberto Quezada
Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor, Roy Schoeman

Recovered Memories- Spain and the support for the American Revolution
Epic Documentary & Traveling Exhibit Proposal by Native Sun Productions
The Gov. Bernardo de Gálvez Story: How it will be told
Benefits of Airing the Galvez Documentary on Television
DAR Awards Medal of Honor to Judge Ed Butler

"Guy Gabaldon the Pied Piped of Saipan" Poster
Presidential Medal of Freedom, Nation's highest civilian honor
Dolores Huerta Foundation

First Thanksgiving in El Paso by Roberto Franco Vazquez
Lincoln and Thanksgiving: The Origin of an American Holiday
Mexican-American War -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Eleanor H. Romo, Community Activist
Antonio Gonzalez, President of the William C. Velasquez Institute.
Dr. Leobardo Estrada, Educator

Alfredo Alaniz
Henry Duran
Luz A. Cisneros
Alfred Rodriguez  SURNAME: PEREZ

The Brits and Irish descend from early Spanish settlers
DNA Test?  Many Recognize the Benefits but are Still Wary

New WWI Records for Armistice 100th Anniversary
Complete Archive of Ellis Island Records—Now Online for Free
FamilySearch Unlocking Centuries of Italian Ancestry Records,

Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor, Roy Schoeman
A Wonderful Reconnection At Last! with Timothy Matovina,
Professor/Chair, University of Notre Dame
Theologies of Guadalupe: From the Era of Conquest to Pope Francis by
Timothy Matovina
God's Battalions: the Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark
Las cruzadas fueron legítimas
Arabian Sights: A Future for Tolerance
The Message Lives On
Bible Emergency Numbers

December 6 at 7:00 p.m. Hillsdale College Telephone Townhall Conference
Seeking out Spanish Surname Educators and Professionals with Advanced
Dr. Blandina "Bambi" Cardenas
Sonia Cardenas, Ph.D.
Dr. Henry Casso
Dr. Hilda Colon Plumey
Juan Carlos Gonzalez, PhD.
Dr. Tito Guerrero
Dr. Romero Jalomo
Dr. Martin Romero
Estela Lopez, PhD
Dr. Maria Vallejo
Click to José Antonio Bowen, Ph.D. is President of Goucher College.
UC Berkeley Law will move to strip the name of Boalt Hall because of its
racist taint by Teresa Watanabe
Israel on Campus Coalition
Pasco County Public School male P.E. Teacher May Lose Job
         Refuses to Watch a Gender-Confused girl Disrobe/Shower in a
Boys' Locker Room
Chicana/o History in the New Millenium: A Survey of the Past Twenty
        by Richard Griswold del Castillo and Arnoldo De Leon

Artist, José María Feliciano "Chano" Lozano
Montserrat Caballe, 1933 - 2018: Voice, and immense repertoire lifted
Spanish opera singer
Interested in learning more about the cowboy culture?

More kids in ERs with mental health crises by Maggie Fox
4 Ways Medical Marijuana Is Helping the Elderly Feel Better by Kate
Marijuana- Based Drug Reduces Seizures
To Avoid Skin Cancer-   Use Vitamin B3l

The 20th International Latino Book Awards:
Two Decades of Recognizing Greatness in Books By & For LatinosFILMS, TV,
Somos Primos: NAHP's José Martí 2018 Silver Award as Outstanding
The NAHP's José Martí Awards Evolve To Highlight The Many Qualities of
Latino Media by Kirk Whisler
New Documentary: The Mark of War: Vietnam Memories by Ricardo Ainslie
Videos from Latino 247 We Thought You'd Enjoy
Voces of Documentary Film Roundtable Report

Dec 9th: Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble: Blanca Nieves'
Resolution of Commendation Dr. Albert Vargas Vela

21st Annual Leadership Awards, Nuestra Imagen Awards, Long Beach, CA
UCLA is the  Fourth  Largest Employer in L.A. County
Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

2018 wildfire season most destructive wildfire season on record in
A Handwriting Analysis of  Early Californio, Pedro Amador
December 1:  Open House,  honoring Gilbert Lopez Martinez
California State Fairs and its People, Part II,  Mimi's Life Stories
Oscar Chapa, recognized by California State Legislature, November 16,
Old Town Model Railroad Depot

In 1868, Two Nations Made a Treaty, the U.S. Broke It and Plains Indian
Tribes are Still Seeking Justice By Kimbra Cutlip
Making the Case for the Next American Saint: Sister Blandina By Hannah

Alférez Juan Manuel Ortega and the Tucson/Tubac Presidio
Presidio San Agustin: What Does The Presidio Provide Our Community?

My Italian Connection by Wanda Daisy Garcia
16 December, TCARA Christmas Luncheon
The Clayton Library is currently seeking volunteers
"Juan Diego's vision in 1531 changed Mexico"
November 7th, 1835 -- The Consultation takes a step toward the Texas
Declaration of Independence
November 2nd, 1779 -- Spanish diplomat dies of head injury
November 6th, 1528 -- Castaways begin amazing journey
Menchaca Street Spelled correctly

Happy Holidays in 1953 – The Learning years  by Rudy Padilla
Mike Alvarado: Descanse en paz (Rest in peace) by Rudy Padilla

Jackson Heights' Catalina Cruz makes history by being first DREAMer
elected to NY State Assembly

Jose Antonio Bowen, Ph.D. INDIGENOUS
Mount Rushmore . . . Crown of Empire by José Antonio López
Jumano Indians by Nancy P. Hickerson

Sephardic Songs of Praise by Rev. Abraham Lopes Cardozo

Fascinating Facts About Unseen Cities  by Nicola Davis

Islam taking root in southern Mexico villages
Mexicans Protest the Caravan as Thousands of "Bums" Arrive in Tijuana
Mexico agrees to Trump policy,  forcing migrants to wait in Mexico as
asylum equests processed:  Report by Tal Axelrod
Mexico to deport nearly 500 migrants who tried to 'violently' cross US
Honduras, Hondurans and the Caravan
Basic Timeline for the Mexican Revolution (Library of Congress)CARIBBEAN
Dominican Republic Civil Registration, 1801-2010

Peru - Barriers to Secondary School Completion for Afro-Peruvian Girls
Peru, Diocese of Huacho, Catholic Church Records, 1560-1952
Sarmiento House, Tigre Partido, Argentina
60 years ago Venezuela was the highest ranked economy in Latin America
Termite Mounds Visible From Space

¿Quien Descubrió Qué?

Jose Gaitan Gandeleca, High school grad at 90

¿Quien Descubrió Qué? Mapas Interactivos
Roman provinces of Hispania  218 BC–5th century
Spain: Ascendancy and Decline by John P. Schmal
El Tratado de Londres,  tras la "Armada Invencible"
Spanish man raised by wolves for 12 years wishes he could return.

When the Virgin Mary Appeared in Zeitoun, Egypt by Elena Tafone
Will Prince Charles Succeed in Reviving Long-Lost Foods from our 
Ancient Past? by Theodoros Karasavvas
After 10 Years of Debate, Knesset Passes Food Donation Act by Tsivya Fox
Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures? by Burak
Analysis: Hamas leaves Israel with only one option in Gaza
Drug abuse: how China is fighting the problem By German Lopez
A chart of US drug overdoses going back to 1999 by Javier Zarracina/Vox

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Solicitamos para una prueba piloto Genealogistas de todo nivel (aun de hobby)

A los interesados en una prueba piloto que coordina el sistema de educación a los genealogistas interesados en aportar sus experiencias y realizar un test basado en una prueba simple de localización de datos.

La prueba se realizara en la sala de computo (planta Baja PB)
de la Biblioteca Raúl Rangel Frías
Av. Alfonso Reyes 4000 Nte., Regina, 64290 Monterrey, N.L.
en la UANL

Hora de inicio 5 p.m.

Interesados llamar al 811 191 6334
La prueba se realizara únicamente en Monterrey
Benicio Samuel Sánchez García

Presidente de la Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México
Genealogista e Historiador Familiar

Miembro de la Federation of Genealogical Societies
Miembro de la International  Society of Genetic Genealogy
Miembro de la Sociedad Nuevo Leonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística
Miembro de Hispagen
Miembro de Hispania Nostra
Miembro de la Asociación Canaria de Genealogía
Miembro de la APG

Email: samuelsanchez@genealogia.org.mx
Website:  http://www.Genealogia.org.mx
Cell Phone: 811 1916334 
Desde Monterrey agrega 044+811 1916334
Cualquier otro lugar de Mexico 045+811 1916334
Desde USA 011521+811 1916334

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Solicitamos para una prueba piloto Genealogistas de todo nivel (aun de hobby)

A los interesados en una prueba piloto que coordina el sistema de educación a los genealogistas interesados en aportar sus experiencias y realizar un test basado en una prueba simple de localización de datos.

Interesados llamar al 811 191 6334
la prueba se realizara en Monterrey
Benicio Samuel Sánchez García

Presidente de la Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México
Genealogista e Historiador Familiar

Miembro de la Federation of Genealogical Societies
Miembro de la International  Society of Genetic Genealogy
Miembro de la Sociedad Nuevo Leonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística
Miembro de Hispagen
Miembro de Hispania Nostra
Miembro de la Asociación Canaria de Genealogía
Miembro de la APG

Email: samuelsanchez@genealogia.org.mx
Website:  http://www.Genealogia.org.mx
Cell Phone: 811 1916334 
Desde Monterrey agrega 044+811 1916334
Cualquier otro lugar de Mexico 045+811 1916334
Desde USA 011521+811 1916334

Solicitamos para una prueba piloto Genealogistas de todo nivel (aun de hobby)

A los interesados en una prueba piloto que coordina el sistema de educacion a los genealogistas inetersados en aprtar sus experiencias y realizar un test basado en una prueba simple de localizacion de datos.

Interesados llamar al 811 191 6334
la prueba se realizara en Monterrey
Benicio Samuel Sánchez García

Presidente de la Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México
Genealogista e Historiador Familiar

Miembro de la Federation of Genealogical Societies
Miembro de la International  Society of Genetic Genealogy
Miembro de la Sociedad Nuevo Leonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística
Miembro de Hispagen
Miembro de Hispania Nostra
Miembro de la Asociación Canaria de Genealogía
Miembro de la APG

Email: samuelsanchez@genealogia.org.mx
Website:  http://www.Genealogia.org.mx
Cell Phone: 811 1916334 
Desde Monterrey agrega 044+811 1916334
Cualquier otro lugar de Mexico 045+811 1916334
Desde USA 011521+811 1916334

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Good Day,

We offer Flexible loans / large loans and funding for various projects.This loan allows client to

payback for as low as 2.5% - 5% interest for a period of 1-10 or more years.
apply today for more details.
International Client Manager

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Good Day,
Our Company finance the following category below:

- Investment Loan: Ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000.00)
- Premium packaged business loan: Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000.00)
- Large Scale business loan: Ten million Dollars ($10,000,000.00)
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- Small scale business Loan: One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)

In other to protect and safeguard our lender/Fund we also offer investment packages in various sector such as

- Energy and Power
- Oil and Gas
- Solid mineral ( Gold and Diamond )
_ Steam Coal and Iron ore
* Starting up a Franchise
* Business Acquisition
* Business Expansion
* Capital / Infrastructural Project
* Commercial Real Estate purchase
* Contract Execution
* Trade Financing
* Government Project Funding

As we have capability to finance,Discharge and deliver.

Should you be interested we look forward to your reply

Note we are licenced in all the above

Best Regards

Customer Care | Int'l Client Executive

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Revista Genealogica en Linea y Gratuita: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" November 2018 : http://www.somosprimos.com/sp2018/spnov18/spnov18.htm

Dear Family, Primos, and friends:

I hope you will each enjoy a Thanksgiving celebration with thanks in
your heart for your family, friends, health and being an America
citizen. We are blessed with a strong constitution, and just laws.

It is very sad, viewing, the mostly young men, in the thousands,
marching towards our borders, abandoning their homeland, invading with a
hope that their lives and the lives of their families will change . . .
if they can cross into our country.
However, it feels like we are in a movie, a movie that does not make
sense. The funds being spent by the organizers to move these thousands,
providing food and water and toilet facilities along the way must be in
the millions of dollars. Maybe already in the billions?

Would it not make more sense to invest those monies in building
industries and businesses in those countries, providing jobs where those
men could stay, building their communities and enjoy raising and
providing for their families in their own countries?
I always feel when something doesn't make sense, information is missing.
Facts are missing. Truth is missing. To be true, the facts must be in
accordance with the actual state or conditions. Truth must conform to
honest reality.

What is the reality that provoked the horror of the Philadelphia
Synagogue massacre? Clearly anti-Semitism, which is growing daily more
prevalent and violent on university campuses and classrooms. Free speech
is greatly endangered. Mob action and deceit is being employed to
stifle, confuse, and muddle reality. Please be cautious when you take a
stand. Let it be on the firm base of reality and what makes sense.

Just as I was getting ready to post the issue, I received an email from
my friend Robin Collins, Owner/Director of Rancho Del Sueno in Madera,
California. Being November, the month in which we give thanks to the
Lord for our blessings, I thought it would be appropriate to post her

I have been interested in Robin's work because she is devoted to saving
the lineage of the horses under her care. The DNA of her horses tracks
their ancestry back to the first horses brought into the Americas in the
1500s by the Spanish.

Robin is 73 and is also the full time care giver for her mother. She has
three ranch hands, one of whom is my nephew, my sister's son, Greg.

"Dear Mimi: I have a bit of a dilemma... had a very hard fall yesterday
and broke my nose, tore my shoulder, sprained my wrist and re-injured my
hip...all in one fell swoop...I am quite incapacitated and had to cancel
some appointments...and cannot work for a bit... This puts everything
here in jeopardy...PLEASE...place a request for donations if you can I
am quite frightened and have not figured out what to do as yet...
Everyone here is trying to make things work but we do not have any funds
for feed or vet work and we have a horse emergency at the moment... I
know you do not want to ask anyone for $ but if there is some way to
impart the urgency of needing assistance PLEASE do post something in
this upcoming issue if you can...

Love & Hugs
Robin and the Ponies..."

God bless America . . . Long may it stand . . . Mimi


World Economic Forum Rate US, Number One
Building After World War II
Hillsdale' new online World War II course
PING Military Mail-In Rebate Program
Vietnam Wall
Fabulous 50s, an oldie but goodies

Half of the U.S. Population Lives in these Blue Counties.
U.S. Has 3.5 Million M ore Registered Voters Than Live Adults
10,535 pages of Health Care condensed to 4 simple sentences
Naming of Federal Judges

Equality for Women by Oscar Ramirez, Ph.D.
Elias Provencio-Vasquez, 1st Latino male Nurse, Ph.D. & head US Nursing
Mary Aguayo, Vice President of Enrollment Management, University of La
Debra J. Pérez,Vice Pres Organizational Culture/Inclusion/Equity at
Simmons University
Interesting Stationery Headings Used During WW II by Gilberto Quezada
A TV Series About Mexican-American WWII Heroes Is Coming Soon
Exploring America Through the Arts: Lewis, Clark and the Corps of
Art Exchange on the American Frontier by Judith Emmett
Why did Russia sell Alaska to the United States? by Georgy Manaev

Yo Solo / I Alone, Bernardo de Gálvez Opera
Yo Solo Commissioned Opera
The Unsung Hero Sings! Hero of the American Revolution
Nov. 13, 2018: Spanish Embassy Event to promote the Galvez Documentary

Rangely Outdoor Museum and the Dominguez Archaeology Research Group
Canyon Pintado National Historic District
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
El Carolus, la primera moneda mundial en el siglo XVIII se acuñaba
(minted) en México
¿En qué país del mundo hay más hispanohablantes?
Juan de la Cosa, primer mapa en el que aparece América

October 20, 2018, marked the first anniversary of the passing of Odie

World War II Japanese Prisoners of War:
Martin S. Christie
William R. Sanchez
Otilon Medina
Martin D. Salas

Cortes/Cortez, January 27, 1993
Cruz/De La Cruz/De Las Cruces, July 28, 1993

University of New Mexico celebrated 14th Year New Mexico DNA Project
How Not To Talk About Race And Genetics

Just Get Started
GUIDE to Census Quick Facts
Help stop the growing anti-Christian persecution in the U.S. military
China Wants to Rewrite the Bible
Jewish and Arab Israelis forging meaningful relationships
Christian Man Appointed Chief Justice of Muslim Nation
Absolute Spiritual Warfare by Hal Lindsey
The Amazing Growth Of Christianity

It's Time for Colleges to Stop Overlooking Hispanic Adults By Goldie
'Learning to Be Latino' by Emma Whitford
Two Latino Academics Who Nabbed a 2018 MacArthur 'Genius' Grants
Universidades fundadas por España en Ameríca y Filipinas
Hillsdale College's aim of teaching 100 million Americans
Keeping Cornell Multilingual By Colleen Flaherty

Jesse J. Perez, New Director of San Diego's M.F.A. in Acting Program
El mapa de EE.UU. que explica por qué hoy celebramos el Día de España
Dia de la Hispanidad
Day of the Dead Exhibition
Jessica Rose's Nutrition
The Prevention Coalition

War and Remembrance: The Story of the American Battle Monuments
Commission by Tom Conner and Larry P. Arnn
Thomas Jeffersn and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War that Changed
American History by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger
Haunted Santa Fe by Ray John Aragon

Sunday, November 11, 2018: Voces of Documentary Film Roundtable
LATINO AMERICANS six-hour documentary, interviews with 100 Latinos, 500
years of History
Christian filmmakers challenge law which contradict their religious
The Latino Media Fest Awards

November 10: Finding Your Roots in Mexico
October 13: Report on SHHAR meeting
October 15: A Forgotten Injustice Documentary screened
November 8: MALDEF Gala 50th Anniversary
Early battles of the Mexican-American War are closer than Angelenos
La Familia and the California Fairs
Growing Up in South Colton
Just Serve

October 21, 2018: Grave Marking Ceremony for Juan Manuel Ortega
Activities hosted by the Presidio San Agustin
Border Patrol Agents Bust Truck with Hidden $1.4 Million Cargo at
Marian University Hires Alan Silva to Serve as Executive Vice President
and Provost

Nov 15-17: Holding up the Mirror Conference, 50th Anniversary of
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1968 Hearing
November 3rd, reenactment of the Battle of Medina
November 6 - 9 and 13 - 16: Heritage Tours - Spanish Governor's Palace
On this Day . . . .
October 7th, 1759 -- Indians defeat Spanish force on Red River
October 13, 1845 -- Voters of Texas approve annexation to US
October 17th, 1844 -- Sam Houston issues passport
October 20th, 1541 -- Coronado is first to describe Llano Estacado
October 24th, 1952 -- Austin African-American colleges merge
Kingdom of Zapata now at Peace With The World
Legacy of Texas, Especially Texan: Cattle Trailing
Donkey Refuge Where Burros Become Coyote-Kicking Livestock Guardians by
Abbey Perreault
Armistice Day special to Texas history scholar y Felix D. Almaraz Jr.
José de Escandón — the Father of South Texas

The Learning Years - The Bluetick Hound by Rudy Padilla
Ben Alvarado: "Nunca Más" (never again) by Rudy Padilla
Missouri has no Illegals

North America in 1798, The Untold History of the USA - The Spanish
The Spanish legacy in the United States - Exploration of the Carolinas
Florida: Largest food stamp fraud bust in history, $20M, Muslim store
owners arrested

Smithsonian Latino Center: Young Ambassadors program
Nerea Llamas Named University of North Carolina Associate Librarian

The Raid on Bermuda That Saved the American Revolution
Fire Chief Who Was Fired for Marriage Views Wins Major First Amendment

Cherokee Nation Says Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Is a 'Mockery' That
'Dishonors' Native Americans
There Wasn't a Chief Munsee. Really, There Wasn'tSEPHARDIC
Israel Celebrates 70 Years Since its Founding in 1948
Israeli singer in Amsterdam creates world's first Ladino pop album

Ancient Teeth With Neanderthal Features Reveal New Chapters of Human

Organic farming in Mexico City by Lydia Carey
Colegio de México - Dra. Pilar Gonzalbo Aizpuru
50th anniversary of the Tlatelolco massacre
Arts of Colonial Mexico by Richard Perry
The Sun King by Nancy Metford
Certificación efectuada por el Capitán Dn. José Joaquín de Arrillaga.
Año de 1789.

Martín de Alzaga Defensor de Sta. María de los Buenos Aires

Las islas Hawai eran españolas antes de la llegada de Cook

An English proposal for humbling Spain in 1711
Chocolate Museum, Barcelona, Spain
Ostia, el gran puerto de Roma

The Real Size of Africa
Nikki Haley: Memorable Quotes
Terror tunnel extending into Israel neutralized
Israel Defense Forces Thwarted Mass Breach of Security Fence
Curiosidades sobre la antigua Roma por Fernando Borges
Libros de historia de Grecia y Roma antiguas en PDF . . libros gratis

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2018


--- Mensaje reenviado ----------
De: Edna Elizondo <ednayelizondo@yahoo.com.mx>
Fecha: 27 de septiembre de 2018, 20:43
Para: Edna Elizondo <ednayelizondo@yahoo.com.mx>

Saludos cordiales a todos.

Es un gusto y placer comunicarles que nuevamente nos reuniremos para  hablar de las investigaciones sobre 

Es nuestra Décima Reunión será en Saltillo Coahuila.

Esperamos contar con tu presencia, la de tu familia, familiares, amigos, puedes extender esta invitación es para el público en general. 


Recinto Cultural Universitario
"Aurora Morales de López"
Tel: (844) 4 10 32 03
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mx

miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2018

Invitación actualizada: Reunión de Genealogía de México en MUNE lun 24 de sept de 2018 18:00 - 19:00 (CDT) (genealogia.org.mx.874874@blogger.com)

Se ha cambiado este evento.

Reunión de Genealogía de México en MUNE

Modificado: lun 24 de sept de 2018 18:00 – 19:00 Hora central - Ciudad de México
Museo del Noreste, Calle Dr. Jose Ma. Coss #445, Centro, 64000 Monterrey, N.L., México (mapa)
(No se puede mostrar la lista de invitados porque es demasiado larga)

¿Asistirás?    - -     

Invitación de Google Calendar

Recibes este mensaje de cortesía en la dirección genealogia.org.mx.874874@blogger.com de la cuenta porque eres uno de los participantes de este evento.

Si ya no quieres recibir más avisos sobre este evento, recházalo. Si lo prefieres, solicita una cuenta de Google en https://www.google.com/calendar/ y controla la configuración de las notificaciones de todo tu calendario.

Si reenvías esta invitación, los destinatarios podrían cambiar tu respuesta de confirmación de asistencia. Más información

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2018


Benicio Samuel Sánchez García

Presidente de la Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México
Genealogista e Historiador Familiar

Miembro de la Federation of Genealogical Societies
Miembro de la International  Society of Genetic Genealogy
Miembro de la Sociedad Nuevo Leonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística
Miembro de Hispagen
Miembro de Hispania Nostra
Miembro de la Asociación Canaria de Genealogía
Miembro de la APG

Email: samuelsanchez@genealogia.org.mx
Website:  http://www.Genealogia.org.mx
Cell Phone: 811 1916334 
Desde Monterrey agrega 044+811 1916334
Cualquier otro lugar de Mexico 045+811 1916334
Desde USA 011521+811 1916334

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

Colaboracion de Crispin Rendon: Families of Boca de Leones volume 2 & San Antonio Conference Networking

New free ebook online

Families of Boca de Leones, Nuevo Leon Volume Two.




Conference Networking:

Friday Descendants of Slaves lunch at the 39th Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical Conference. If you are a slave descendant, have mulatto ancestor or Sub-Saharan DNA you are welcome to join Dahlia Guajardo and Crispin Rendon (authors of Slaves of Monterrey) for lunch.


Saturday Guerra YDNA lunch at the conference. We had a good time last year so we are doing it again. If you are a Guerra that would like to join the group, let me know so that Nanis Guerra can make arrangements.



Conference details at:



I will have a spot in the Vendor Room at the Conference

I do not have anything to sell but come by and say hello.



As Always,

Crispin Rendon


sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2018

Revista Genealogica Gratuita y en Linea: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" September 2018 ​ www.somosprimos.com/sp2018/spsep18/spsep18.htm

Somos Primos "We are Cousins" September 2018

Dear Primos, Family, and Friends:

Just as I was finishing up the issue, I received a link to a video
consisting of interviews with people at Venice Beach, California. The
interviewer questioned attitudes about diversity and being an American.

I thought it was interesting that Venice Beach was picked as a good
location for diversity opinions. Our first home (1955) as a young
couple, was a few steps away from the Venice beach strand. We rented a
studio unit in a four-plex. It consisted of a front room, kitchen,
bathroom and a pull-down Murphy bed, with a closet behind it.

The area appears to have remained the same, a typical California beach
rental mix. Even at that time, the racial, cultural, social, and
economic diversity was apparent.

The photo cover for the September issue, catches one aspect of the
Venice beach atmosphere, "Muscle Beach". "Muscle Beach" in Venice used
to attract artists and performers, perhaps because we were close to
Hollywood, and they hoped to be "discovered." Both men and women of all
ethnic backgrounds worked out together. They encouraged one other as
they built their bodies up, with increasingly heavier weights, and by
doing increasingly harder lifts with the women. Always a ready audience
of locals and tourists.

With all the recent news media, which seems to focus on, and emphasize
racial problems, it was heartwarming to hear the positive comments
about being Americans. I think you will enjoy their comments too.

God bless America . . . Mimi

Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15
Their Future is Our Business by Nate Berg
LULAC Salutes John McCain: True American Leader & Statesman
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste battling out-of-control
spending & taxes since 1984:
Needed Changes Finally Taking Place in the United States'
Obligation to the United Nations

Mexican American Studies – Open Letter to the Texas State Board of
Education by José Antonio López
Siege of the Lost Battalion of WW I by Michael S. Perez
Chicanada, a Population in Disequilibrium, Due to Historical
Circumstances by Ray Padilla
Community Fights to Preserve Killefer Grade School, First Desegregated
School in Nation

Issues, not party politics, impress Hispanic voters by Diana A.
Terry-Azios, 1998
Study the greatest political document ever written by man, the U.S.
Dr. Hector P. Garcia, His Mission Continues by Wanda Daisy Garcia
Service Member to Military Spouse
Back the Blue; A Night to Honor our Nation's Law Enforcement

Appears NFL and ESPN No Longer Support Our Nation
Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid–An Honorary U.S. Citizen by Francisco Macias
Muslim-American Women Speaking Up: llhan Omar and Halima Aden
The Best Way to Fight Negative Jewish Stereotypes

Students being paid $13. an hour to lecture other students on Diversity
California's Voice: Lt. Col. Olga E. Custodio
Disneyland ambassadors: Alexa Garcia and Mikey Trujillo
Eating in the Fifties

Wilbur-Cruce Iberian Horse DNA Research by Virginia Maryland College of
Veterinary Medicine
Galvez Documentary
Resources that Name the Spanish soldiers that served under General
Bernard de Galvez

Growing Up in South Colton by Dr. Tom Rivera

The Black Plague, Rats and Cats
German Saboteurs Invade America in 1942HISPANIC LEADERS
Remembering Guy Gabaldon
Phil Valdez
Common Sense

A legacy Greater Than Words: display at Barnes & Noble bookstores Sept
13 - Oct 10th.
Tribute to Mexican-American POWs
Alfonso J. Moreno
Manuel F. Ortiz
Delos Brown
The Reality That Was WW2 in the Pacific
Afterburner: Official United States Air Force Website

The Grijalvas of Orange County: A Californio-American Heritage
By Vladimir Guerrero and Edward T. Grijalva
SURNAMES: Almeida and Arocha

Surname Castro
No tenía una gota de sangre Kikapoo
Ancient DNA discovery reveals previously unknown population of native
Guadalajara and Morelia YoY growth rates of 22.1% and 25.8%

Expanded Ellis Island Immigrant Records 1820-1957 Online
Lucas de la Fuente Handwriting Information Analysis by Sister Mary

Police discovered 2 pipe bombs thrown in Rachel's Tomb complex
Three Million Muslims Live in United States: Dr Michael Youssef
Psytrance music bridges divide between secular and religious Jews in

National Science Foundation hands out $45M to encourage Hispanic STEM
New Class: Crossing the Line by Wendy Fawthrop
UCLA and Diversity Peer Leaders
International youth poetry festival
We're Muslm, Don't Panic

Everything You Need to Know About Día de los Muertos
Quinto Festival de los Teatros Chicanos by Dorinda Moreno
Hispanic Heritage Month Resources in Abundance
Script for Hispanic Heritage Idea by Mimi Lozano

Parents' Medical use of CBD Oil for Kids has Led to Separations.
Israeli firms team up to create kits for growing medical cannabis at
Why Diabetes Awareness is a Vital Part of Hispanic Heritage Month

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
Our First Lady Pope by Victor Villaseñor
September 15th is our 65th Festival: Latino Book & Family Festival
The 31st Year of the NAHP Awards from October 24th to the 26th
Contrastes ente Imperio Español y el Inglés que le siguió

Ballad of Gregorio Cortez' (1982) landmark Chicano cinema, a passion
project for Edward James Olmos
30th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards: Full Show, 2017

Sept 8: SHHAR: John Schmal History of Jalisco and Zacatecas, 9-11:30
Sept 8: Dia de la Familia, Westminster Community Services & Recreation
Department, 1-5 pm
First Grade class at Killefer School, Orange, California, 1946
I was a 6'4" White Kid by Douglas Westfall
Hispanic on their Way Up by Guillermo X. Garcia, 1996
Sept 14: El Grito - A Celebration of of Mexican Independence
Oct 6: 9th Annual Dale Dykema Lifetime Achievement Award Gala
MASA Media Arts, Santa Ana Summer Fundraiser

LA RAZA Through February 10, 2019 at Autry in Griffith Park
CHC of Commerce celebrated its 40th Anniversary in Los Angeles
Angels Flight 1901
Jewish Bakers Union & Yiddish Culture in East LA 1908-1942
Archival photos of Long Beach, Los Angeles and other areas

Dominquez Ranch, First Spanish Land Grant in California
California Bear Flag
Team of Mexican immigrants helps battle California fire
Battle of the Old Woman's Gun Reenactment
1849 California Constitution Fact Sheet
The Lemon Grove Incident
Chapter 9: First Jobs, Manteca Becomes Home by Mimi Lozano

El olvidado pasado español de Alaska

Sept 16th: Mexican Independence Day Celebration: Dia de la Familia
Photos, THE WEST and its Connection to the Horse
A Beautiful, Cruel Country: Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce,
La Pistolera by Leo W. Banks
Railroads in the Southwest
My Wife's Union Army Ancestor by J. Gilberto Quezada
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla: an unlikely rebel by Dr. Félix D. Almaráz Jr.
Knowledge and skills related to genealogy and/or Family History prepared
by Maria Elena Azios
The Digging Texas - Gault Archaeological Site of Central Texas, 20
minute documentary

Young Man Making His Way - The Learning years by Rudy Padilla
Reverend Treder: A Legacy by Rudy Padilla
White, and in the minority by Terrence McCoy

September 15, 2018 event: New York Purple Heart Chapter 3
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
National Museum of African American History and Culture
LDS Church and NAACP Announce Plans for Education and Employment
Remains of Tuskegee Airman Found in Austria|
Afro-Mexicans, a Hidden Heritage
The Stirring Elocution of Frederick Douglass by Lawrence W. Reed
National Navajo Code Talkers Day August 14, 2018
Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, a lost city emerges by
David Kelly

Hebreo Moderno, book in Spanish to learn Hebrew
Coercive Cosmopolitanism - What the hysteria over Israel's nation-state
law really meansARCHAEOLOGY
Three Maya skeletons were found in Tabasco state of Mexico
Ancient Origins: Barter, Bills & Banknotes: 5,000 Yr History of Money by
Theodoros Karasavvas

Mexico Helped Push the Allied Powers Over the Top by Christopher Minster
The Congressional Gold Medal for Mexico's WW II Fighter Squadron -
Escuadron 201 Campaign©
Don't call 12-year-old Mexican university student 'genius' by Joebill
The Mayan empire, exceptionally advanced for its time, collapsed in just
a few hundred years.
Nezahualpilli el rey de Texcoco, que tuvo 144 Hijos
Secularización de las Misiones de Sonora, del año de 1791.
August 24th, 1821 -- Treaty grants Mexican independence
Mexico opened 2,599 homicide investigations in July (2018) — the most
ever recorded in a month Railroads in the Southwest

Juan Agramonte/Agramont, Cuba, 1538
Isabel Gutierrez, Cuba, 1536

Felices Fiestas Patrias - PerúPAN-PACIFIC RIM

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte bans Filipinos working in Kuwait

Familias lingüísticas de la península ibérica antes de la romanización
La conquista de las Islas Canarias, Se inició con Juan de Bethancourt
La Expedición Malaspina de 1789
Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid–An Honorary U.S. Citizen
Spain: New Gateway to Europe for Mass-Migration, Part 2 by Thomas Paul

The Bible on Tariffs
El retorno de las campanas, piratas y tártaros, por José Crespo
A commercial promoting pork says: Put some pork on your pork
Los Zetas and Hezbollah, a Deadly Alliance of Terror and Vice by Terence
Iran in our own backyard: Hezbollah operatives are rampant in remote
areas of Latin Americ
by Leah Soibel
Topkapı Palace Conquest Celebration and Palace Festivals

viernes, 31 de agosto de 2018





·         1920s and 30s Electoral Registers now available to search with greater accuracy than ever before

·         New and improved collection bridges the vital gap left by the destruction of the 1931 census of England and Wales

·         Important documents will enable family historians to trace ancestors between the 1911 Census and 1939 register


Friday August 31st 2018: Leading British and Irish family history website, Findmypast, has today announced the release over 53 million indexed England and Wales Electoral Registers covering the 1920s and early 1930s.


Improved access to these important documents will enable many family historians bridge the vital gap left by the destruction of the 1931 census of England & Wales. Combined with the 1911 census and 1939 register, today's release means that Findmypast is now able provide customers with unrivalled record coverage for early 20th century Britain, allowing them to trace their ancestors across a period of history that has traditionally been problematic for many researchers.


The new collection, England & Wales Electoral Registers 1920-1932, has been created by reprocessing the original documents in order to improve image quality. Findmypast's has also developed a new process for picking out individual names, allowing this vast bank of records to be searched with greater accuracy than ever before.


For the very first time, the Registers can now be searched accurately by individual names in a similar way to other indexed collections currently available on the Findmypast. Searches will now also cover all of England and Wales and matching records from the registers will feed into hints for all customers with a Findmypast Family tree.


Electoral Registers are listings of all those registered to vote in a particular area. The lists were created annually to record the names of eligible voters and their reason for eligibility, such as their residence or ownership of a property. Registration for voters in England has been required since 1832 and registers were typically published annually, making electoral registers and excellent resource for tracking ancestors between the census years or for uncovering the history of your home or local area.


These newly indexed records were taken from Findmypast's wider collection of British Library, over 220 million of which are also available to search in PDF format.  


Estelle Calfe, Product Manager at Findmypast, said: The Electoral Registers 1920 - 1932 are such an important collection for family historians, as they really help you fill in those gaps and trace your ancestors' journey between the 1911 census and the 1939 Register. Our team have built some incredible technology that has enabled us to make this collection searchable by first and last name for the first time




For more information, please visit: https://search.findmypast.com/search-world-Records/england-and-wales-electoral-registers-1920-1932


To discuss feature opportunities, please contact:


Alex Cox: acox@findmypast.com, +44 7464 946769





Record Coverage: It is important to know that while the England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932 is an extensive collection of electoral registers, it is not complete. Holdings are modest to 1885, good from then until 1915 and modest again from 1918 to 1932. It should also be noted that during the First World War compilation of the registers was suspended and was then resumed in 1918.

Furthermore, constituency boundaries have changed frequently over the years and borders of certain polling areas have been moved. For these reasons, we recommend that you undertake some research in advance to identify the constituency in which your ancestor lived. This is especially important for London, where current boroughs and district names may bear no relation to historic constituencies. For example, between 1885 and 1918, Tottenham was a division of the Parliamentary County of Middlesex. For help in identifying relevant constituencies, read the British Library's Parliamentary Constituencies and Their Registers Since 1832available in Useful Links and Resources. In this publication, beginning on page 34, is a list of constituencies in alphabetical ordering, which includes the years that each constituency existed and the years of electoral registers held by the British Library, as well as the British Library shelfmark and any additional notes.

This dataset was created by scanning microfilms of historic electoral registers held by the British Library which existed in 2011. The massive microfilming programme was (and still is) on-going and registers filmed later are not included. This means that not all the constituencies listed in British Library's Parliamentary Constituencies and Their Registers Since 1832 with microfilm shelfmarks beginning SPR.Mic.P are in the dataset.



About Findmypast


Findmypast (previously DC Thomson Family History) is the British-owned world leader in online family history with over 18 million registered users across its family of brands, which include Findmypast, Genes Reunited, the British Newspaper Archive and Twile.

Its lead brand, also called Findmypast, is the home of the world's most comprehensive online collection of British and Irish records, including:

·         The largest online collection of UK parish records

·         Twice the number of Irish records available on any other site

·         The British Library's vast collection of historical newspapers

·         The exclusive Catholic Heritage Archive, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to digitize the historical records of the Catholic Church in North America, Britain and Ireland for the very first time

Findmypast is committed to making discoveries in the British Isles easier than ever before. It combines the best of British and Irish data with the knowledge of in house experts to provide a unique family history experience that guides researchers through every step of their journey.


For more information on how Findmypast is enhancing the experiences of family historians worldwide, visit: www.findmypast.com


This message is confidential and may contain privileged information. You should not disclose its contents to any other person. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender named above immediately. It is expressly declared that this e-mail does not constitute nor form part of a contract or unilateral obligation. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of findmypast shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it.


This email has been checked for virus and other malicious content prior to leaving our network.

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Colaboracion del Teniente Coronel Intendente Retirado Ricardo Raul Palmerin Cordero: MARÍA SARA ROMO BUSTAMANTE.

Mi estimado amigo Sam.


Amigos Genealogistas e Historiadores.


Te envío esta información sobre el origen de doña María Sara Romo Bustamante, madre del  actor, director y productor de la época de oro del cine nacional don Emilio Fernández Romo "El Indio", el decía que su madre era India Kikapoo; pero en la realidad no tenía una gota de sangre Kikapoo, esta información y registros son una parte de la exposición que presenté en Múzquiz y Saltillo, Coah. hace varios años.


Anexo las imágenes del matrimonio de don Jesús Romo y doña Josefa Bustamante, padres de Sara, efectuado en la Iglesia de Lampazos el día 16 de Agosto de 1872; el bautismo de Maria Sara Romo Bustamante, efectuado en la Iglesia de Laredo, Mex. el 17 de Marzo de 1883, nació el 25 de Febrero de dicho año; el matrimonio efectuado el 11 de Julio de 1903 en el Condado de Bexar de Emilio Fernández Garza y Sara Romo; el registro del Estado Civil del nacimiento (16 de Marzo 1904) de Emilio Fernández Romo efectuado en las Minas de Hondo Municipalidad de Sabinas, Coah.; así como la defunción de Sara Medrano (pienso que se casó de nuevo por lo que llevaba ese apellido cuando murió, en el dato de Married están escritas xx), falleció el 7 de Septiembre de 1978 en San Antonio Texas, hija de Jesús Romo y de Josefa Bustamante, color or race white, nació el 25 de Febrero de 1883, fué sepultada en el Cementerio de San Fernando, de San Antonio, Condado de Bexar.


Fuentes: Family Search. Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos Días.



No creo que don Emilio Fernández Romo "El Indio" supiese que su ancestro el Cabo de la Compañía Presidial de Lampazos don Marcelo Bustamante, además de combatir contra los indios bárbaros, los crueles Apaches Mezcaleros, Lipanes y los temibles Comanches, los que cometían toda clase de depredaciones en las Villas del Noreste; también combatió durante las Campañas de Texas los años de 1835 y 1836 (investigación del suscrito).


Fuentes: SDN. D.G.A. e H. S.H.


Recibe un fuerte abrazo

Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret. Ricardo R. Palmerín Cordero.

M.H. Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México, de la Sociedad de Genealogía de Nuevo León y de la Asociación Estatal de Cronistas e Historiadores de Coahuila, A.C.


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martes, 21 de agosto de 2018

​ nueva página web del «Portal de Archivos Españoles»

Tenemos el gusto de anunciar la publicación de la
nueva página web del «Portal de Archivos Españoles», PARES:

A través de esta nueva interfaz de PARES tendrás acceso no solo a la nueva versión de PARES 2.0, con doble buscador de documentos y de entidades no documentales (personas, familias, instituciones, lugares, materias, títulos nobiliarios, normas y funciones), sino también al resto de los recursos documentales y bibliográficos (bases de datos, exposiciones virtuales, micrositios, etc.) y a nuestros canales de redes sociales de la Subdirección General de los Archivos Estatales.

Esperamos que os guste y esperamos también contar con vuestras sugerencias para seguir poniendo a vuestra disposición los documentos de los Archivos Estatales del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.


miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Colaboracion del Teniente Coronel Intendente Retirado Ricardo Raul Palmerin CorderoFwd: SECULARIZACION DE LAS MISIONES DE SONORA.

Estimados amigos Historiadores y Genealogistas.


Envío a Uds. Los documentos para la Secularización  de las Misiones de Banamichi, Aconchi, Ures, Matape y Onovas en Sonora, del año de 1791.




Con atencion á algunos incidentes que en la entrega de Bienes Temporales á los Clerigos al tiempo de dar cumplimiento á la orden de N.S. de 25 de Junio ultimo para la Secularizacion de las Misiones de Banamichi, Aconchi, Ures, Matape, y Onovas, tube que poner a cubierto las temporalidades, Bienes de Misiones, ó de Comunidad de los yndios con presencia de varios articulos de la Real Ordenanza de Yntendentes del años de 86. particularmente del 1º entregando sus administraciones á aquellos Seculares que me parecieron de mayor confianza, con el fin de poner á cubierto sus capitales, frutos y esquilmos sin que los Curas tuviesen la menor intervención, señalandoles á cada uno de la masa comun quatrocientos pesos para su subsistencia, ó su equivalente sacado de las mismas existencias, y de su consecuencia, como propio de mi obligacion di parte de todo al Exmo. Señor Virrey; por lo que hasta su resolucion no me es posible variar el metodo sobre este punto, y si aguardar su decision; pero por lo que respecta á que los Religiosos vuelvan a entregarse de dichas Misiones tomando a su cargo la Administracion espiritual, doy con esta fecha por mi parte puntual cumplimiento en contestacion de su oficio de 26 de Setiembre proxImo, en el concepto de que quando llegue el caso se entreguen las Misiones á Sacerdotes Seculares tendré presente lo que V.S. representa en razon del manejo é inversion de esos bienes de comunidad.

Dios guarde á V.S. muchos años. Chihuahua 5 de Diciembre de 1791= Pedro de Nava= Señor Dn. Enrique de Grimarest. Es copia Real de los Alamos 30 de Diciembre de 1791. Grimarest.


Fuentes.Family Search. Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos Días. AGN.



Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret. Ricardo R. Palmerín Cordero.

M.H. Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de México,  de la Sociedad de Genealogía de Nuevo León y de la Asociación Estatal de Cronistas e Historiadores de Coahuila. A.C.


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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Revista Genealogica en Linea y Gratuita: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" August 2018 ​http://www.somosprimos.com/sp2018/spaug18/spaug18.htm

Somos Primos  "We are Cousins" August 2018
Table of Contents 
Dear ones, primos, family, and friends:

In the August issue you will find lots of information to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15.  Teachers, youth leaders you will find resources at www.somosprimos.com/heritage/heritage.htm .

Message: The progress that has historically taken place for Hispanics in the United States . .  is unfolding.  We held our ground. We are still here.  We are progressing.   We are now part of the whole picture: a nation which successfully and slowly built a country on the foundation of cultural/racial diversity never seen before in history.  We don't have to dig for evidence anymore, we just have to open our eyes and look.  
When I look at the burned, torn American flag which I selected for this month's cover.   I think of all the wars, battles, lives lost,  pain suffered  The image truly saddened me.  

As Americans we achieved unity. .  together.  Our battles before were to become, and stay a nation.   We marched under, and pledged ourselves to the American flag.  Now the flag is being torn apart by us.  We are causing the pain to ourselves.  
Let us do our part to unite our nation, sharing historic evidence that democracy does work, and our young county is proof of that. 

Let us add our voices, requesting that peaceful solutions be found through cooperation, collaboration, and compromise.  Let us learn  what is lawful, based on our Constitution, and support our laws.  We have a great country, and the Constitution is why.  
God Bless America . . . . 

The long struggle to equality and Independence by Joe Lopez
City of Westminster Efforts Begun to Create Monument Honoring Historic Mendez V. Westminster Case
House Resolution (H.R.) 6365 "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Land Claims Act of 2018"
How Latinos Are Shaping America's Future by Hector Tobar
Ted Williams' Mexican-American heritage explored in documentary by Russell Contreras
The long struggle to equality and Independence by Joe Lopez
City of Westminster Efforts Begun to Create Monument Honoring Historic Mendez V. Westminster Case
History of Hispanic Heritage Month, 1998
An Analysis of Hispanic Heritage Month - Public Law
May 14, 1999 Report: Legislative Action for Giving a Presence to Hispanic History
LULAC Unity Event Honors Sheriff Marco Antonio "Tony" Estrada
LULAC Elects Texas Civil Rights Lawyer, Domingo Garcia  to National President
Suzanne Spaak's Courageous Acts Saved Hundreds of Children During the Holocaust by Anne Nelson
During the Great Depression, 'Penny Restaurants' Fed the Unemployed by Anne Ewbank 
Annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel 
Buy . . . Made in the USA
The Ramirez Family in a Changing World
The Years that Fast Food Restaurants First Opened
Senior Citizens . . . .  Yes, This is Us!! well some of us anywaySPANISH PRESENCE in the AMERICAS ROOTS   
July 7-8 2018: Old Fort MacArthur Days

About the Pocket Watch, a very interesting story
Lenin's lesson for the CIA
All the Countries We've (British) Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To 
     by Stuart Laycock Laycock

Hilario Cavazos Jr., Educator passed away June 17, 2018 in Laredo, Texas at the age of 92

Chapter Twenty-Four - Pre-WWI 1899 C.E. by Michael S. Perez 
Department of Homeland Security Poster Series Commemorating World War I Centennial
     An Immigrant Army
Why Should You Care About WW I by Patrick K. O'Donnell 

June 30th 2018: Los Californianos 
Celebrating the 242nd Anniversary of the Arrival of the soldiers and settlers 
of the Second Anza Expedition, 1775-76 

Scientists find more than 1,200 genes linked to educational attainment
How come the British are not considered Latins?

Free Genealogy Tools 
Particle Accelerator Reveals Hidden Faces in Damage 19th-Century Daguerreotype Portraits

The Muslim Brotherhood's secret plan to destroy Western Civilization.
World's First Animation of the Entire Bible
Rise Up by Gordon Robertson
Mária, La Conquistadora
Diego de Pantoja, el jesuita que nos hizo conocer China por Angel Vivas

A Step Back vs A Step Forward by Oscar Ramirez, Ph.D.
Video: Our nation's history produced by Hillsdale College
Bravo Road with Don Felipe:  A Dream Deferred by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
AARP AZ Radio / The U.S. Constitution & Storytelling
2018 National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 

August 2-3, 2018 -Fifth Annual International Conference: Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Mexico
July 31 - August 5, 2018:  Jose Hernandez' Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute 

The 20th International Latino Book Awards Report by Kirk Whisler: 
Get a Free E-book Copy of Basques in the Americas From 1492 to 1892
Haunted Santa Fe by Ray John de Aragon
Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom by Peter Coe Verbica 
The Ground You Stand Upon Joshua and Wilbur Bowe
Relive the 2018 NALIP Media Summit: 
Juan in a Hundred, The Representation of Latinos on Network News By Otto Santa Ana

Civil War Days, Saturday/Sunday, August 4-5th, Heritage Museum of Orange County 
Homes of Steel for the Brave of Heart; Potter's Lane, Midway City
Sheila O. Recio appointed to a judgeship in the Orange County Superior Court
May 4, 1995 Eddie Grijalva Very Special Night
El Toro, Small Towns in America, interview with Eddie Grijalva
Inside the historic buildings that have defined the Los Angeles Times 
     by Lorena Iñiguez Elebee , Ellis Simani and Thomas Curwen
A Clamor for Equality: Emergence and Exile of Californio Activist Francisco P. Ramrez 
     by Paul Bryan Gray, with foreword by Gordon Morris Bakken
Cómo las mujeres impulsan la globalización del mariachi | El Diario NY
Why Are There Palm Trees in Los Angeles?
Featured Location: Lincoln High School

Chapter 8:  Central Valley, CA is a Good Place to Hide by Mimi Lozano  
Aug 15-17 : San Diego Mariachi Summit, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan   Tiburcio Vasquez; A Hero or A Common Bandit 
Sept 15:  10 am to 5 pm, Free Latino Book and Family Festival
Francisco Garcés, Primer no indio, cruzar el desierto de Mojave de CA 

September 13-15th, 2018l SHHAR is hosting its second Genealogy Research Trip  to Salt Lake City
The Jon Bilbao Basque Library by Inaki Arrieta Baro

Teresita Urrea, Niña de Cabora, Santa Teresa, Teresita, La Santa)
A Beautiful, Cruel Country: Life on the Wilbur-Cruce Ranch by Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce
Part 2 of 3:  Eva Wilbur-Cruce, La Pistolera, fights for her land, her horses and her pride.  
Granaderos y Damas de Galvez, San Antonio
Broadside Newspaper of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution in Convention 
Anti-Madero plot was hatched in San Antonio 
José Cisneros, An Internationally Acclaimed Artist

Louis Sanchez: Living in the Mexican Village -  Through the Eyes of a Small Child  by Rudy Padilla
Summer in the City: The Learning Years – 1953 by Rudy Padilla
CIslanderUs Exhibition opening - September 2018 in Louisiana State Museum 

How a Tiny Cape Cod Town Survived World War I's Only Attack on American Soil by Jake Klim
East Coast Sephardic JewsAFRICAN-AMERICAN
Africa Surpasses Latin America as Home to the Largest Christian Population on Any Single Continent

July 2018: Israel & Iroquois Nation came together In Israel -- at the Lacrosse World Championship. 
June 27th, 1874 -- Indian raiders strike again at Adobe Walls
February 4, 1793: Nuestra Señora del Refugio Mission founded 

Wednesday, 8 August at 7:00 PM: Diarna: Geo-Museum of North African & Middle Eastern Jewish Life 
Family History Today: Genealogy Lecture for Sephardi and Mizrahi Families, held July 12 
Gatsby and Henry by Alexander Aciman, University of South Carolina
Lag Be'Omer on Djerba
The Afghan 'Genizah' and Eastern Persian Jewry by Aram Yardumian
Sephardic Wedding Traditions:  An Archival Photo Exhibit by the American Sephardi Federation
The Teimani Experience and Yemenite Faces and Scenes: Photographs by Naftali Hilger
Doreen Carvajal, Reporter Digs up Converso PastMEXICO
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