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[Genealogia de Mexico] 30427 Somos Primos December 2011 145th Online Issue



Dear Primos and Friends,

Hoping this Christmas season is joyful and stress free for all of you.

I received an interesting email suggesting two types of Christmas gifts appropriate to this difficult financial situation, and in the Christian spirit:

(1) Support local merchants, give gift certificates for services such as pedicure/nails, haircut/styling, restaurants, massage, etc. anything which would keep locals working.
(2) Cut down family expenses by giving something personal, such as an act of service or hand-made gifts.

Big thanks for all of you who have taken the time to send the positive of our community, outstanding leaders, events, family histories, your memories and thoughts. Your submissions are always a pleasure to share. You'll find many books recommended by readers in this issue. Don't John Schmal's data analysis from the 2010 Mexico census of Indigenous Mexico.

For Mexican researchers, the most exciting news: George Ryskamp, BYU staff and world-wide expert of Spanish language records, said that ALL OF THE MEXICAN CATHOLIC PARISH RECORDS are now online.  They are digitized so a copy of the actual document can be made. Wow!! www.FamilySearch.com

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas celebration
Your prima  and friend . .  Mimi

TABLE OF CONTENTS, Somos Primos, December 2011

Alaska style "Merry Christmas" the Hallelujah Chorus
CHCI Receives $1 Million Gift
The Story of G.I. José by José Antonio López
Alonso S. Perales and the Development of Mexican-American Public Intellectuals
Julian Samora Legacy Project
Marisol A. Chalas, A Wise Latina, by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Rise Of Young Latino Politicians In Texas by Sara Calderon
Laus Deo, Do you know what it means?
Honoring America's Veterans by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

The Christian Foundation of OUR Nation
Where is Our John Wayne? by Dr. Lino Garcia, Jr., and José Antonio López
Preserving the Fabric of Our Nation by Senator John Cornyn, Texas
Your turn: A birthday prayer for California
Texas Heritage Effort by Joe Lopez

Against Mexico -The Making of Heroes and Enemies

Pete Magana                April 14, 1928 - October 19, 2011
José Angel Cárdenas    October 16, 1930 - September 17, 2011
Joel C. Uribe                July 11, 1934 - October 27, 2011
Harry Pachon               June 4, 1945 -  November 4, 2011


Erasing hate, Tattoos
Drug Smuggling Ring Dismantled
2 Dead, 1 Wounded at Pot Farm
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
17 tons of marijuana were seized in a raid on a cross-border tunnel
The Faces of Meth
Mexico Under Siege
Border Problems and Incidences
Newspaper article criticized by Hispanic Link founder, Charlie Erickson
What's the Easiest Way to Legally Get to the U.S. from Mexico?
Lincoln Club of Orange County proposal provides path to legal residency
Iraqi Christian convert attacked in US over Holocaust poem
Detroit Prayer event puts Muslim community on Edge
83 victims, family seek $750M for 'preventable' Fort Hood tragedy

Letters to Senator Hutchison and Senator Cornyn by Jose Antonio López
The Story Of One Deported Latino Veteran by Sara Inés Calderón
St. Athanasius School in Long Beach, California

Dropout Rate Reaches 28 Percent
Senator Iris Martinez writes the foreword to from The Barrio to the Board
Hispanic Education Endowment Fund: 18th Annual Apple of Gold Celebration
Stand and Deliver' Movie Quotes by Jaime Escalante
Intercultural Development Research Association
Gilbert G. Gonzalez Collection, 1864-2001
Focusing on the Needs of Latino Students by Manuel Hernandez-Carmona
Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior by Amy Chua

Izzy Sanabria, Why they call him Mr. Sanabria
40 Years Since The BIRTH of SALSA by Izzy Sanabria
American Sabor's traveling exhibition
Own a piece of Salsa History, Posters
Gregorio Luke Triumphs in Mexico's Bellas Artes
East L.A. speaks from its heart
In South Texas Happiness can be Found on the Grill  by Richard G. Santos
First Annual Lloronathon Launches In Phoenix

Periódicos en Español—Hispanic American Newspapers Online
Latino Quote of the Day is posted by Bobby Gonzalez
Where are all the Latinos in the Media by Sara Inés Calderón Update for Oct-Nov 2011 of Somos en escrito by Armando Rendon

News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media,
       Juan Gonzalez and Joe Torres
Before the End, After the Beginning by Dagoberto Gilb
Sol, Sombra y la Tierra by Adelina Ortiz de Hill
Why Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata Wore Cananas by Marco Portales
Terror on the Border by  J. Gilberto Quezada
Invisible & Voiceless, the Struggle of Mexican Americans for Recognition,
         Justice and Equality by Martha Caso
I am Grey Eyes, A Story of Old Florida by William Ryan
The Legacy of  Piri Thomas  By Manuel Hernandez Carmona
Trespassers On Our Own Land: Structured as an oral history of the Juan P. Valdez
         family and of the land grants of Northern New Mexico by Mike Scarborough
The Enemy We Need by Dr. Michael Zurowski
Scarborough The Enemy We Need by Dr. Michael Zurowski
Aleph by Paulo Coelho
The Tejano Diaspora: Mexican Americanism and Ethnic Politics in Texas and Wisconsin
         by Marc S. Rodriguez
Bernardo de Galvez in Louisiana, 1776-1784 by John Caughey
Indigenous Quotient/Stalking Words: American Indian Heritage as Future
         by Juan Gómez-Quiñones
Sleepy Lagoon by Mark A. Weitz
Moon Warrior's Dream by Jesus Velazquez

2011 Veterans Day, Celebration by Daisy Wanda Garcia
Interesting Veterans Statistics off the Vietnam Memorial Wall
Call for Photos for the Vietnam War Memorial.
New resources for veterans
Navajo Code Talkers
War Forged Lasting Friendships : Pearl Harbor:
Lieutenant Colonel Mercedes O. Cubria  by Tony Santiago
Introducing Author John W. Flores
Two Air Force Special Operations Command combat controllers recognized
Korean War Project

Re-enactment of the Battle of Medina in Losoya
Battle of Medina: The Empire Strikes Back
Resources for the Celebration for the War of 1812
Historical Twin City Celebration

SURNAMES: Building la Familia de Abraham Gonzales

Floating on  the Border by Belinda Acosta
Laredo Memories of Omar Alvarez and others
John W. Flores,  University of Texas, Austin, 2011 Distinguished Alumnus Award
What Exactly is a Pocho? by Victor Landa

Periódicos en Español—Hispanic American Newspapers Online
Maria Embry shares strategies for researching in Ellis Island records
16 Ways to Leave a Legacy by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Family Tree Magazine 10 Electronic Newsletter Ideas
FamilySearch.org 11 November 2011 Update

Dec. 2,3,4: No Christmas for Smiling
Dec. 13 Fiesta Navidad
Families gather to remember historic Olive Street barrio
It happened in '29 Dedication of Hoover School
Viola Rodriguez Sader, Hispanic family history presenter
The Sentinel, a new Emagazine

Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World
Jesus His Life in Art, Sunday Dec 18th, 2011
La Plaza de Cultura y Artes
Nos Vemos en la Placita: The Historic Los Angeles Plaza
Mi Casa Es Mi Casa
Resurrected Histories: Voices from the Chicano Arts Collectives of Highland Park

Dr. Augustine Ramirez  by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Los Encinos State Historic Park
Seeking historic Latino sites in California
Frank Mecham, Supervisor San Luis Obispo Co. descendant of Mariano Vallejo
Diocene of San Bernardo and Agua Mansa
Navidad en Whittier
Science Reshapes Understanding  of Hispanic Life in Early California

Targeting Canada's 'invisible' Hispanic community

Mexican Revolution
81 photographs and a narrative of who did what to whom & when . . .

The Hispanics in the Twin Cities of Minnesota by Eddie Palacios Calderon, Ph.D.
Hispanic Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains
Vince Vance about New Orleans
Canary Islanders of Louisiana on Facebook

What the Tejano Monument Means to Me by José Antonio López
John Flores Nominated for Honor by Christopher Amos

Dec17th: Major Family History Conference in Mexico
La Familia del Lic. Don Benito Juarez por  Ricardo Raúl Palmerín Cordero.
Personajes en la Historia de México
    Emilio Crescencio Portes Gil, Presidente de México No. 50
    Pascual Ortiz Rubio, Presidente de México No. 51
Libro: Colección Titulada: "Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia"

Indigenous Mexico Statistics: The 2010 Census by John P. Schmal
Extracts from American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Census Data
American Indian Institute
Native Foster Care: Lost Children, Shattered Families Native Foster Care
     by Laura Sullivan and Amy Walters
Native American Children's Alliance
Call for papers: 13th Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference

Luis Carvajal's 400th Yartzheit by Reid Heller
Lost cousins unite thanks to Holocaust database by Aron Heller

Census Data Continues to Shed Light on Boricua Identity
Source:  The Voice of the Taino People News Journal (July-September 2011)

El Titulo de Libertador, por Eumenes Fuguet Borregales
Dr. Enrique Tejera Guevara, brillante científico valenciano por
       Eumenes Fuguet Borregales (*)

Course in Spanish (Primera Lección) By Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Roy's Basket, A bit of History: Puerto Rico

Drug mules: smugglers caught moulding cocaine into shape of Manolo Blahnik shoes

Polish Salt Miners Left Something Underground
Let us not forget the horrors of WWII
Germans Stunned by Report on Forced Marriages by Soeren Kern
October, 2011 Report on the Muslim Persecution of Christians

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