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3rd Quarter User Newsletter

In this issue…

CEO Corner: Farewell to the 1940 US Census Indexing Project. What's Next?

The 1940 U. S. Census Community Project has given us all an opportunity to link arms with thousands of other family history buffs, as well as civic and social organizations (more than 150,000 volunteers in all), to make this valuable record collection freely available to everyone. Full Story

What's New: New Courses from Learning Services

The Learning Services Group at has been doing a lot to help patrons learn how to make the most of the resources that FamilySearch has to offer. Below are some of the courses that are now available at See a List of New Courses.

What's New: The International Genealogical Index (IGI) Is Complete

We mentioned in an earlier FamilySearch blog post that work has now been completed for the International Genealogical Index (IGI). This final addition to the IGI consists of records submitted by the community. The IGI and all the records from the FamilySearch record collection can be searched from the main page of The IGI can also be searched by going to the Historical Record Collections page and typing IGI in the search box. Read the full article.

5 Minute Genealogy—Sharing Information with Others

You may have asked yourself: Why would I share what I've been researching with others? Why would they care? How can I share my family history? Sharing research can answer questions, fill in gaps, connect living relatives, and get others involved. In this episode, Jesse and Tom will show you the fun and importance of sharing your discoveries with others. View this video here.

Genealogists Say "Thanks" Video Contest

Here's your chance to say "Thanks" to the indexers who have helped you find your ancestors. Create a short video that is one minute or less to thank FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators for helping to make records searchable online. Highlight an ancestor you have found, or someone you know who has found an ancestor while searching on, and express your gratitude to the indexers who helped make it possible. Full Story

Tech Tips—Going Digital in the Cemetery

The following method of digitally documenting cemetery markers has decreased by at least half the time it takes our genealogy society to read cemeteries and get the information onto a data base. There are three distinct advantages in using modern technology to read and document cemeteries, as opposed to the pen and pad method. First, a digital camera in the hand is faster than a pen in the hand—much faster. Full Story

Fresh from the Vault

New collections are added each week to FamilySearch. Collections that are marked with a camera indicate collections for which digitized images are available. Collections marked with the term "Browse Images" refer to the fact that the collection has not been indexed yet but is available for browsing. These collections have helps added to assist you in narrowing your search down to specific times, places, and record types. Click here to see the new collections. When you get to this page, click on the Last Updated link above the collection dates.

Site Scoop—FamilySearch Website Updates—Source Box

The latest updated release of the FamilySearch website provides users with an improvement to the Source Box. This change makes your source box easier to find on the home page. In this issue of the User Newsletter, we discuss what this change looks like and provide instructions on how to use the Source box. Full Story

Spotlight Focus—Family History Library Expo (Oct 22-26)

FamilySearch is pleased to announce the 2012 Family History Retreat offered by Family History Expos, a private company. Family History Expos is offering a special 50% discount for family history consultants and family history center staff. Full Story

Researching Your Family—A Suggestion on Where to Start

You found success! While researching your great-grandfather, you finally found where his father was born. However, it is in a place where you've never researched before. Now you're wondering, where do I start? What are the most valuable records to begin with as I research in this new place? And how do I get access to those records? Full Story

Events and News-Selected Genealogy and Family History Conferences for the Fall of 2012

Within this article is a list of selected Genealogy and Family History Conferences throughout the United States. These conferences will take place during the last quarter of 2012. Information about times, fees (if any), classes, locations, etc. are listed on the accompanying website links posted within the article. See the list of upcoming genealogy and family history conferences.

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