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Revista Genealogica en Linea: Somos Primos September 2014 ​

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Dear Primos and Friends:

If you attend events celebrating Hispanic Month,September 15 to October 15, I encourage you share the experience with Somos Primos. Don't feel intimidated, a short little article and a photo or two is just fine.

What Somos Primos is trying to convey is the Latino presence all over the United States and world. Gratefully, it is the involvement and contributions of readers that is accomplishing that goal.

Thank you for your submissions, for finding and sending fascinating articles and tidbits. It such fun to open my emails and read what is happening.

God bless America, Mimi


September 11, 2001 Jihadist Attack Remembered: Sept 10-12 conference, Washington, D.C.
9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, opened May 2014
America - New Song!
Navy Bibles will stay! A victory for religious liberty!
Discover Our Shared Heritage: El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, National Historic Trail
The Rise of Latina & Latino Studies in the United States
NALIP's Top Latino Writers
The Chicana/o Legacy Gaining traction but still No. 9 by Rodolfo F. Acuña
What we Owe our Tejano Ancestors by José Antonio "Joe" López
"Past deeds pave our way to the future" by José Antonio López
Braceros and farm workers from Mexico by Dr. L. Eve Armentrout Ma, Esq.
Preserving Places that Matter in American Latino History, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Percentage of Hispanics associated with the Best Medical Schools in the US
Concerned daughter writes to White House about her mother and other struggling homeowners

Guy Gabaldon Statue Project, Los Angeles, CA
Otra Vez by Daisy Wanda Garcia: Dr. Hector P. Garcia Clinic Restoration, Corpus Christi, TX
Veterans' and Family Outreach Center, Big plan for Garcia's Old Clinic by Nadia Tamez-Robledo
Raising Funds for the Santa Rosa de Lima Mission in Tucson. AZ
The San Pedro Creek Improvement Project, TX
Saving Lincoln Center: An El Paso Community's Effort to Protect its Chicano Heritage
Looking for Mexican Americans and baseball in Texas
New Charlesfort-Santa Elena National Park Service Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plan
The Telling Project, Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater, San Antonio, Texas
Strangers into Neighbors: The Latinos and Hispanics in Alamance County, North Carolina
Latest update on the Trujillo Adobe
Over 2200 Apparitions of the Blessed Mother throughout the world in the 20th century
Doing Your Own Documentary, San Francisco
Save Our History, the Chicana/o Archive Project
Story Corps

WW II Aircraft Carriers on the Great Lakes by Oscar Ramirez
La Battallia del Encinal de  Medina by Dan Arellano
August 19th, 1749: Apaches bury the hatchet in exchange of Conversion to Christianity

Youtube: First "Air Force One".
Youtube: Project Vigil: D-Day 2014
Youtube:   Hitler's GI Death camp
Photo: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, SEAL Reunion
Honoring Borinqueneer Raul Reyes
Hispanic Medal of Honor Calendar of Upcoming Exhibits

Dorothy Perez, Recipient of Prestigious SAR Award by Henry A. García, jr.
United States of Spain? Guillermo Fresser
TCARA celebrated its 10th Anniversary, July 23, 2014


My DNA tells me who I am
New DNA discovery: totally new outlook on evolution

About Genealogy by Kimberly Powell
        Search WWI POW Records Online for Free
        How to Trace the History of Your Home
FamilySearch Adds More Than 1.5 Million Indexed Records and Images
        to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Italy, and the United States
Helpful Hints from Readers

Insights From National Leaders, Latino Youth/Education Policy Issues, Antonio R. Flores, Ph.D.
Michael Derrick Tubbs Founder, The Phoenix Scholars, Stockton, California
Free Cash for College Workshops

Salon: Culture and Conversation by Bernadette Inclan
September 17, 2014: The San Francisco Art Institute . . . . ART and Revolutions
Seeking U.S. Art All Over Map
The Xoloitzcuintli, Mexican Hairless Dog by John Inclan
Ding dong, muerto me llevan en un cajon
Lydia Mendoza, guitarist and singer of Tejano, conjunto, & traditional Mexican-America music.
Loaf of Art
La Virgin by Rafael Jesus Gonzalez

Ten Years of   "SOMOS PRIMOS"  DVD of past print issues (1990-1999)
Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Mission/Ranch Horse, A Beautiful, Cruel Country
         by Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce
Mobile Must Fall by Stephen Estopinal
Colonial Spanish Texas and Other Essays by Dr. Lino Garcia
The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction  by Linda Gordon
New Mexico Book of the Undead by Ray John De Aragon
Terror on the Border by J. Gilberto Quezada
Border Boss by J. Gilberto Quezada
The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction by Linda Gordon
Mexican American Colonization during the Nineteenth Century:
        A History of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands by José Angel Hernández.

September 13, SHHAR Monthly Meeting: John Schmal, "Finding Your Roots in Mexico"
September 27: 15th Logan Barrio Family Reunion
Incoming Cultures: Influences and Legacies in Orange County, Smithsonian Collaboration
Martyred Priests, Their Journey to Orange County
Two of Orange County's founding clans mend fences after a 125-year rift, September 18, 1995
Yorba Cemetery, A portal to the past, Quick overview... family history
Ramon Peralta Adobe, The story of people and change, Quick overview...
Lorenzo (Larry) Luera Ray High School Class of 1954, Part 1 of 2

Nov 10th: Chronically Homeless Vets to Get Homes in Boyle Heights
Sept 7th: Apostolate of La Virgen de Los Remedios
View from the Pier by Herman Sillas
Ralph M. Terrazas: First Latino Chief of LA Fire Department Confirmed by City Council
Great Read In this group, she's just Gloria Molina, quilter by Abby Sewell

Irwindale, Beauty in the Dust by Marylouise Fraijo Ambriz
A History of Neighborhood House in Logan Heights: Mary & Helen Marston by Maria Garcia
A Trail for Humanity's Final Walk Begins in Chicano Park by Brent E. Beltran
Mi Vida Con Carino by Lorena Ruiz de Frain, Final, Part III, Life in Los Altos

Mariachi Nuevo Santander Performed in  Oregon Shakespeare Festival
World War II Bracero Program in Oregon

Colores YouTube
My Days as a Colonist / Soldier with Don Juan de Onate – Part 8 by Louis F. Serna
After being part of Mexico, could the Far West ever have become part of the Deep South?
           By Galal Kernahan
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, 2014. Best regards-Old guy

Sept 25-27, 2014: 35th Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference
September 28: Post conference luncheon planned
Dear Texas History Enthusiast
Legacy of Texas, maps, art, flags
1871 tax assessment document of Cameron County
Laredo, Texas Memories by Gilberto J. Quezada
        Laredo Transportation
        Laredo Exhibit Honoring Sisters of Mercy's 120 Years of Service in Laredo
        An Unforgettable Reunion
        Correspondence between Gilberto and Jose M. Pena
Do any of these Laredo streets look familiar?
Creating Beauty from Devastation in Galveston by Rosie Carbo
A 1954 Candidate Uses His Family History to Help Him Win an Election by Eddie Garcia
Las Porciones Society
House Resolution 709
Clash with Ranchers radicalizes rancher
Border Bandits, Part III by Norman Rozzell

1691 Tira from Santa Catarina de Ixtepeji, Oaxaca Mexico,
            featured in Milwaukee,Wisconsin Mexican Fiesta
John N. Harper's  ACADIANS, Writings by Winston De Ville

Maps of  Spanish Missions
September 6, 2014: Admiral Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and the Founding of St. Augustine
Los Floridanos Society

Hard Times for Black Colleges by Michael H. Cottman
Rosenwald Schools
Breaking Ground Caribbean Cultural Center: African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI)
B.B. King to chair National Monument in the Mississippi Delta to honor cotton pickers.

Indigenous Coahuila de Zaragoza by John P. Schmal

Sephardic Jews founded key cities in Mexico
San Antonio scholar to discuss culture at Laredo temple by Tricia Cortez, Laredo Morning Times
The Different Perspectives of Jewish Law, the Jewish People, and the State of Israel towards the Secret Jews (Anusim)
        by Shlomo Buzaglo

Before they left Africa, early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'

Lost and Found: Three hundred year-old Mexican document found in Milwaukee
130 representative of the Yaqui Tribe went to Mexico City
Carlos Slim supported 165,000 young people to attend a university
Bautismo de Deodoro Pedro Regalado Francisco de Paula de la Santisima Trinidad
La historia familiar oral se desvanece en sólo tres generaciones
El registro del bautismo de Aurelio Maicotte
Personajes extranjeros radicados en la Capital de Mexico y Archivaldo Pasqual Francisco Epitacio

Malfalda, Popular Comic Strip
Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Mathematical Devices of the Inca in Peru by April Holloway,
José Antonio Manso de Velasco, un 'tsunami' que dio nombre a un título nobiliario
      Por José A. Crespo Francés*
Gray-Eyed Man of Destiny by William Walker in Nicaragua

Half a Century of Being in the USA by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.

Hernán Cortés
Estados Unidos... ¿de España?
Gálvez: el marino español que se aventuró <solo> contra las defensas inglesas de Florida

Remembering 9/11 and the history of Muslim acts of Terrorism Against Europeans
Hand of God sent missile into sea
Catalonia to Muslims: Support Independence, Get Mega-Mosque
Islamic Statement: "We Will Take Spain