lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

December 2014 Issue of Somos Primos: ​


Dear Primos and Friends:

It is hard to believe that this December issue completes 15 years of monthly Somos Primos issues online.  It has been a challenge, an education, and a joy.  My historical understanding of U.S. history and the Spanish global presence has grown bit by bit, primarily through the varied submissions and family histories that readers have sent.

The wide diversity of information reflects the countless range of individual histories  with a Latino connection. Every individual's story is unique, each different, a piece to the puzzle of humanity.

I have taken a simple approach:  if you have a Spanish surname, you have a heritage connection to Spain, where the surname originated, and that makes you happily, a possible primo. . .

Since the heritage diversity among the Spanish language speakers in the Americas is based on the 500-year colonization period of the America, I am hopeful that as we learn our history back to the colonization period, we will find many primo connections.
I am hopeful too that as we find our historical and DNA roots connections to other groups, such as the Indigenous, African, European, Asian, and Jewish communities, it will increase understanding and respect for the cultures of others.

As we embrace diversity in the United States, we will be helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His message of love will be easier to emulate as we reinforce ourselves with historic facts and apply them to our activities in the present.

May you, your family, friends, and community rejoice, honor, and adore the Lord who brought the message of love and peace for all mankind.

MERRY CHIRSTMAS and warm hugs. . .   Mimi


Congress tried to fix immigration back in 1986.  Why did it fail?  by Brad Plumer
During 1986 Amnesty Implementation Process, Over-stayed VISA Holders Went First by Mimi Lozano
Information on the New 2014 Amnesty Laws
First Annual George Washington Patriot Prayer Breakfast, November 29, 2014, in San Antonio, TX
An Idea for Your Christmas Tree
Youtubes to enhance Christmas:
     Mary Did You Know? and Our Father by Andre Bochele
Hispanics in the American Revolution - 1775-1783
The Most Latino Congress Ever Is Coming in 2015 by Roque Planas, Huffington Post
The Land is Spanish by Pablo Ricardo Quintana
Spanish Heirs win access to Energy wealth in Texas Legislature
Were Native Americans Victims of Genocide? by David Olson
Epidemics in U.S 1657-1918 Compiled by Sandy Russell
This Is a New Story We Are Writing Together By Guy Bailey
Vaquero Reflects Heritage of South Texas By Dr. Lino García, Jr.
Vaquero – A Proud Tradition By José Antonio López
Maria Elena Durazo leaving top post at L.A. County Federation of Labor
Marta Lourdes Tellado as Consumer Reports New President & CEO
A Legacy of Smoke: a documentary film by Luis Argeo and James D. Fernández
U.S. History Trivia . . . And Did You Know  . . .

Latinos in Heritage Conservation: Launching a National Network
DNA Proves Horses Unlike Any Others on Earth
The Colonial Spanish Wilbur-Cruce Mission Horses
Honoring Col. Juan N. Seguin Burial Site, October 25, 2014
The Reenactment of the Battle of Medina
La Belle and the Alamo Connection by Dan Arellano Author/Historian
Fojas Perdidas Project
A Tour of Tijuana's Maquiladoras  in Mexico by Barbara Zaragoza
The Importance of Promoting Hispanic History by Mimi Lozano

Remembering Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
The History Blog
Colorization of Civil War era and early 1900's photos
Book: When Mexicans Could Play Ball by Ignacio M. Garcia
November 2, 1779 -- Spanish diplomat dies of head injury
November 6, 1528  Castaways begin amazing  journey
November 8, 1852 - The Circus come to town!

Maestro Juan Estevan Arellano, 1947-2014
Ricard Duardo, LA Master printmaker and artist, - November 12, 2014
Lorenzo Santos Luera, California State Past LULAC President
In Memoriam Tulio Halperín Dongi (1926-2014)

Video Mansions, Giving Thanks to those who Gave Their Lives for our Freedom
Hero Street, book, video and documentary
Chicano POW Of Nazi Slave Camp Speaks Out
How to Trace Your U.S. Military Ancestors
Medal of honor Chaplains
2014 Las Estrellas de Tejas Reception
History of the Marine Corps by Kelsey Driscoll

Bernardo de Galvez Plaque Natchez
Galvez Program on Tenerife TV
Video on Los Galvez de Macharaviaya
Galvez Projects of Edward F. Butler, Sr.
Call to write your senators in support of Galvez
Example of letter written by José Antonio López
Your State Senators
Granaderos y Damas de Galvez, San Antonio at the Founder's Day Event
Dorothy Perez Honored by SAR

Genetically, There's No Such Thing as a Mexican by Maggie Fox
Vast Genetic Diversity among Mexicans Found in Large-scale Study by Krista Conger
My suspicions have been confirmed by Refugio Fernandez
Genetic Evidence Says Easter Island Had Visitors 100s Of Years Before Previously Thought
New Mexico DNA Project Database celebrates it's 10 year anniversary
Researching Your Family Health History with the application of genetic information.
Ambitious Google drive to put human genome online gathers steam

Dec. 3, 2014 Latino Education & Advocacy Days (LEAD) Educational Advocate of the Year
FamilySearch introduces MyHeritage's institutional service at Family History Centers and Libraries
More Family Search Records Indexed Records and Images
What every genealogist needs to know about digital content and preservation (100+ resources)

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program
Teacher expectations produce a Pygmalian effect that influences student achievement.
The Old Deluder Act passed in 1647
Missing Minority Ph.D.s by Scott Jaschik
Stolen Education: Screen documentary on systematic discrimination in Texas schools

Down Town Noche of Altares
José de la Isla's latest book, Day Night Life Death online
Casa Navarro Dia de Los Muertos, October 28, 2014
The 7,000-Year Story of Maiz on Tortillas
Dear Readers Who Are Not Chicana/o
Before Television, there was the radio

Painless Spanish by Carlos B. Vega breaks record selling
Vaqueros in Blue and Gray by Jerry D.ThompsonJuana Bordas commenced a Wisdom Newsletter and invites readership.
Aztlan Libre Press
How America's Most Dynamic Population Is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation
The World War I Diary of José de la Luz Sáenz by Emilio Zamora (Editor), J. Luz Sáenz, Ben Maya (Translator)
John Phillip Santos' list of the greatest Texas books ever written.

SHHAR Sephardic Workshop, November 8, 2014, Opened doors of Understanding
Westminster, CA  Latinos in WWII and Korean War
Heritage Museum of Orange County, November 20th, 2010 and November 15th, 2014

Guy Gabaldon Clay Bust Unveiled at the Opening of the Guy Gabaldon Apartments
Guy Gabaldon Apartments for Veterans in Boyle Heights
The Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium
Los Angeles and the Anglos' "Indian Problem" of the Transitional era, 1848-1870

Maria Josefa Grijalva de Yorba 1766-1830
Josefa's Story
California's Day of the Teacher by Galal Kernahan
Who Owned Tia Juana by Galal Kernahan
A Long Scar by Galal Kernahan
Sand Diego State University Receives Feminist Gracia Molina de Pick Life's

Joseph Mendez Parr & Family of Arvada, Colorado
10th Annual Hispanic Film Festival

My Days as a Colonist/ Soldier with Don Jun de Onate - Part 10  by Louis F. Serna
Youtube: episode in the history of  Don Juan de Onate in New Mexico
Veteran's Memorial in Arizona

Statue of Col. José de Escandón
The Box Bravo Family in Zapata County by Gilberto Quezada
The View Through the Lens: Capturing cultural Shifts Within the Latino Barrios of Dallas
López: Believer, learner, or skeptic? Which are you? By José Antonio López
Lopez: First Texas First Lady (Maria Josefa Uribe Gutiérrez de Lara) By José Antonio López
Phil Collins Gives Vast Alamo Collection to Texas
University of Texas, El Paso Borderlands History Conference  Nov 6-7, 2015
What is Storycorps?
Texas Day by Day website
Canary Islanders and Texas
Given Name Booklet Online by Crispen Rendon

Chicago Mexican Street Vendor of  steamed corn, send his children to med and law school.
Spanish roots in New Iberia give birth to El Festival Espanol de Nueva Iberia
La Asociacion Espanola de Nueva Iberia, Louisiana
Isidro Fabela Foundation, chapter Illinois
Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society, November 2014 Newsletter
Alabama Banned Sharia Law

December 20, 2014: Navidad en el Viejo San Agustin/ Christmas in Old St.Augustine,
A Room of Her Own: My Mother's Altar, an installation by Sandra Cisneros
From Slum to Center by Joe Sanchez

Buffalo Soldiers
Negro? Prieto? Moreno? A Question of Identity for Black Mexicans by Randal C. Archibold
Confederate officer James Malbone's Civil War diary
Race Mixture in the History of Latin America

Sunset Hills, Missouri and its Prehistoric Past
U.S. Census Bureau: American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

The de Riberas by Michael Perez, Chapter 1
Can Sephardic Judaism be Reconstructed?
The Sephardic History: The Jewish Theological Seminary, Part I
Fire and Song: The story of Luis de Carvajal and the Mexican Inquisition
The Conquistadores and Crypto-Jews of Monterrey
Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
Witchcraft & Judaism  by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansk

Mexico archaeologists explore Teotihuacan tunnel by E. Eduardo Castillo
2,200-year-old altar found on Italo-Greek shipwreck
What do you think? Aztecs Helped by Space Travelers
Sobre Natural y Asi

Luna sobre Ayotzinapa/Moon Over Ayotzinapa by Rafael Jesús González
Mexico Missing Case: Students March in Solidarity
Guerra de Intervención Norteamericana 1846-1848
Mexico: Esporter of Its Population
Familias descendientes de Don Carlos Gomez Villarreal y de
    Don Guillermo García Welsh, de Montemorelos, N.L.
2000 Tesis en Formato Digital
Ceremonia del XX Aniversario de la  Sociedad de Genealogía de Nuevo León
El bautismo de Don José María Roa y Bárcena, Político, Historiador, Novelista, Periodista,
Defunción del General de División Francisco Murguía López de Lara
Información Matrimonial de Don Angel García Peña y de Doña Guadalupe Armendariz García

Facts stranger than fiction: the story of Don Blas de Lezo
The repairing of  the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio (Video)
Recreating the San Salvador: A Fighting Top Goes Up and Cannon Gets Fired

The ARMY Magazine endorsed the Borinqueneers CGM initiative.
Méritos y servicios:Antonio Carvajal de y otros

Finally it is Autumn Again by Poppo Olag

Sociedad de Estudios Genealógicos y Heráldicos de Canarias
UNESCO sinks claim Haiti wreck was Christopher Columbus's ship
Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas
Boletín de Genealogías Colombianas

Seasons' Greetings to Everybody by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Human Kindness in 4 minutes flat
List of Governors of the Duchy of Milan
Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right by Adam Withnall
A German's View on Islam
Sharia controlled zone' in Germany: Group of young Muslims patrolling city streets
The United Arab Emirates and Saudi War on the Muslim Brotherhood Could Be Trouble for the U.S.