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Somos Primos May 2017

Dear Primos and Friends:

On April 26th, joyfully, I added my voice to the many that attending the Westminster City Council meeting. At issue was a resolution to approve an application for "The Mendez Historic Trail and Green Street Bideway Project."

Outside of Orange County, Califoria most people are not aware that the Mendez v. Westminster School District in California took place in 1947, SEVEN years BEFORE the well-known Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. Kansas.

Both were about the educational civil rights of minority children, who in both cases were segregated into inferior schools. Mexican-heritage children were being placed in remedial Mexican schools through-out Orange County.

Those who spoke in favor of the resolution, were educators, long-term city residents, activists of all ages, even a mother with two small children, thanked the Mendez children, who were in attendance.

I served on the Westminster City General Plan Advisory Committee, and supported the idea of a bike trail, but it was the creativity of Sergio Contreras, past Mayor and current Council Member who saw the opportunity for bringing public visibily to the most important Civil Rights Case in our nation, and it took place right here in Westminster, Orange County California, not Kansas, and through the action of Latinos.

Since Somos Primos went online in Janary 2000, I have published 52 articls in some way connected to the "Mendez Case"< site: > Enjoy.

Thank you to all who have sent information. If you sent me any information between April 27th and now, PLEASE send it again. My computer ate up emails that I was saving to include in the June issue.

God bless America . . .  Mimi

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