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Revista Genealóigica en Línea: Somos Primos "We are cousins" August 2017 ​

Dear familia, primos y amigos. . . . .

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2017 is the 70-year anniversary of the Orange County, California Mendez v. Westminster school desegregation landmark case.  This WWII case involved five Latino families fighting against 4 school districts on behalf of 5,000 children who were being denied access to equal education and opportunity by being segregated to inferior schools and demeaned social status.  Mendez helped pave the way to the Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education seven years later but most American, even among Mexican Americans and other Latinos have no idea that segregation took place all across America, targeting Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, as well as African-Americans.

This year in recognition of the 70-year anniversary of the Mendez case, some of the many individuals who for years have been involved in promoting this case history have come together in two major Orange County, California projects, organized independently under the leadership of Westminster City Councilman and Sandra Robbie, author/documentarian, both with the goal of building awareness and pride in our shared history and contributions to American Civil rights.

As editor of Somos Primos, in its 18 years of online publication, I have published many articles pertaining to the Mendez case. I am serving on both Mendez committees and enthusiastically invite your involvement and support.


Random Act of Mendez Tradition Launching Hispanic Heritage Month 2017
Westminster City Council takes steps to recognize historic civil rights case in city
Westminster Mendez Memorial, Acknowledging the Past, Celebrating the Future
Mural tradition continues at Westminster High by Kenya Barrett
Residents of the early Westminster barrios increases

Spanish Barbs: The Original Horse?
Two specific locations where the "Spanish Barb" can be visited:
Link to Yesteryear by Wanda Garcia
Past Cast Shadow on Border Wall by Jason Buch, San Antonio Express-News
Hey, America, We're Your Native Sons by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
The Battle of Palo Alto, first major engagement of the U.S.-Mexican War

Jose Antonio Lopez: A country divided

National Public Radio: Segregated, Six Feet Under Interview of  Dr. Andres Tijerina
Juan P. Garcia & CHCC Foundation Nominated to Win $25,000 Grant
Las 5 peores mentiras de los españoles malvados que "nos" conquistaron
The Congressional Reform Act of 2017
August 3-5, Hispanic Business Convention of Texas, Irving, Texas
Maria Guadalupe Espinoza, LULAC 2017 "Woman of the Year"
National Council of La Raza Changes Name to UnidosUS
AP Explains: Why term 'la raza' has complicated roots in U.S. by Russell Contreras

That Time Civil War Soldiers' Wounds Started Glowing in the Dark
Just a Joy: Antique Hunting in the Family Tree
July 4th, 1845 -- Convention considers annexation of Texas by the United States

Vital Contributions of Spain &Texas in Winning of the American Revolution
Declaration of Independence  Was a Plea for Help From Britain's Enemies
What happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?
Richard Whynot, Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Medal

Owen J. Baggett, only person to down a Japanese Zero with a pistol.
US Army SPC Daniel J. Agami
U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Ambrosio Guillen

Florentino Duran,  icon in newspaper industry, CEO of La Prensa Newspaper
Dale Dykema, Lincoln-Juarez Center, Santa Ana, CA
Sergio Haro, Respected Mexicali journalist
Diego Hernandez, Once Navy's Highest-Ranking Hispanic Officer
Jaime Martinez, Civil rights activist and farm worker advocate
Anthony Marquez Los Angeles Bureau chief for Associated Press
Eliezer Joaquin Risco Lozada, Hero of the Chicano Movement
Elena Verdugo, one of TV's first professional Latina on weekly series

Noe Martinon, America's top universities wanted him
New Chicano Studies online program, of University of Texas, El Paso
Prager Video: School choice in America
Emulating the linguistic concinnity of sesquipedalians by Rafael Castillo

8-year girl prays for Police Officers in Texas
UNESCO is . . .  Historically Confused About Israel
International Organization for the Family (IOF).
A Catholic nun frisked by a Muslim security agent in Michigan, USA
Muslim Births will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035
New "Bible Literacy Bill" signed into law
Studying the greatest Christian apologist of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis
Why Did The Early Colonists Come to America? Carey Kinsolving,

MyCajita: Mexico, Home Delivered
Primer Libro Impreso en México, 1571
Biblioteca Palafoxiana, la más antigua de América

Book: "don't let me die lieutenant, don't let me die"  by Manuel F. Martinez
Librarians with Spines
Book: Assault on Mexican American  Collective Memory,  2010-2015:
      Swimming with Sharks by  Rodolfo F. Acuña
Horse-Riding Librarians Were the Great Depression's  Bookmobiles
More English language Internet magazines targeting Hispanic/Latinos
Especially Texas, Stories from the Lone Star State
"Constitution 101: The Meaning & History of the Constitution."
Book: Thomas Jefferson &Tripoli Pirates
      by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

Los inicios de la familia Mendoza:
Hurtado de Mendoza
Mencía de Mendoza y Luna.
Escudo condes Monteagudo y marqueses Almazan y Cañete
Cápsulas genealógicas. La familia política de don Tomás Bobadilla

Latino or Hispanic?  Latinos Get Their DNA Tested
California Rodriguez-Ramirez DNA family tree Success Story
Scientists Looked at DNA Pacific Islanders, Stunned at What They Found
La Genétic a y su Aplicación en el Estudio de las Poblaciones Humanas

JUST A JOY - - -  Antique Hunting in the Family Tree
FamilySearch Digital Records Access Replacing Microfilm
New Historic Records on FamilySearch: Week of July 17, 2017
Antes de consultar un genealogista debes:  Escribe lo que sabes de tu genealogía
September 21-23st : SHHAR Family History Research trip to Salt Lake

SHHAR Family History Research Trip to Salt Lake:  September 21st -23th
Golden Dreams: The Immigrant Vision of California
Children at the Mexican Cypress School -- before transferred to Killefer

Cultural Diversity in California
Plaque to Honor Encounter of Native Peoples and Spanish Settlers in San Diego on July 16, 1769
Early California Ruiz/Romero family tree is a work in progress
Notes on a brief history on newspapers published in California
Sons of the American Revolution joined the Casa de España July 1st to 4th
(1534) Fortún Jiménez Baja California
(1539) Francisco de Ulloa
Conference of California Historical Societies
Presidio Heritage Trust Citadel Newsletter
Ethnic Studies Now Coalition in California

El pueblo chamorro: los latinos olvidados, La isla de Guam y Las Marianas

US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce:  Luncheon with the Consul of Spain

(1540) Vásquez de Coronado, Canón del Colorado
Living Heritage Symposium, September 6-8, 2017, San Antonio, Texas
Coal Mining in Las Minas, Santo Tomas Coal Field, 1880s to 1930s
Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15 to Oct 15 Arizona Connection, AARP
(1560-1790)  Los Presidios de Nueva España y Sus Soldados

September 28-30: 38th Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogy & Historical
Century-Long Evolution of Barrio Gangs in San Antonio by Jesus Chavez
Crispin Rendon: Free online family.  Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Censuses of Punta de Lampazos 1753-1818
Tracing Hispanic families' history by Vianna Davila
Spanish Archives in Laredo and San Antonio hold unusual Artifacts
      by Gilberto Quezada
Life of one cowboy
Are You Related to Any of the 433 Texas Land Grantees?
       by Margarito J. Garcia III, Ph.D.
June 3, 1973: Bilingual instruction mandated in Texas schools
June 26, 1832: Mexican garrison surrenders in prelude to Texas Revolution
June 26, 1922: WFAA radio goes on the air
July 1, 1850: Soldiers burn Fredericksburg store, destroy County records
July 17, 1835: Disgruntled colonists meet to discuss government abuses
July 17, 1865:  Galveston physicians found medical society

First Day at School - The Learning Years – 195 by Rudy Padilla
The "Donna Cardinals" as told by Onofre Lugo by Rudy Padilla
(1526) Ayllón  Primer asentamiento en Las Carolinas y Georgia
(1539) Hernando de Soto  de La Florida, descubriendo el Rio Mississippi
The Civil Unrest of 1967
The 40th Anniversary of the Glenville Riot and Shootout by Robert O'Brien

Spanish Explorers on the East Coast
(1557) Tristán de Luna
(1561) Villafane (Sustituyó a Tristán de Luna)
(1565) Pedro Menéndez de Avilés
(1567) Se inicia el proyecto de controlar desde Carolina a México
(1567) Línea de Fuertes Españoles
New Jersey Blue Now by Joe Sanchez

Sergeant First Class Jorge Otero Barreto From 1961 to 1970
The New York League of Puerto Rican Women Celebrates Awards
Cuban Migration: A Post-revolution Exodus Ebbs and Flows

Misconceptions About Human Slavery & the USA by Walter E. Williams
Rosenwald Schools Ongoing Programming at National Trust

Tower of human skulls in Mexico casts new light on Aztecs
Indigenous Zacatecas: From Contact to the Present Day by John P. Schmal

La Amérika's Masthead, 9 June 1911
Historia de la indencia judía del Rey Fernando y su primo el II Duque de Alba

Discovery of Tower of Human Heads  in Mexico
Hernán Cortés tenía razón, encuentran la mítica torre de calaveras
Hohlenstein-Stadel cave rewrites history of Neanderthal-human relations
Genetic modeling adds a new twist to hobbit ancestry question

(1519) Alonso Álvarez de Pineda
(1528) Cabeza de Vaca
Viajes en el Siglo XIX Primera parte by Leticia Frias
Arts of Colonial Mexico
The world's largest pyramid is not in Egypt  . . .  It is in Mexico
CT scans find possible tunnel in Mexico's Teotihuacan ruins
La historiadora Ma. Concepción Hinojosa Velasco inició Taller de Heráldica
El "Tigre de Tacubaya" :
     Leonardo Márquez, entre matar y traición por Antonio Guerrero Aguilar
The Project Gutenberg EBook of History of the Spanish Conquest of Yucatan
      and of the Itzas, by Philip Ainsworth Means

6,000-year-old fabric reveals Peruvians dyeing with indigo long before Egyptians
Thousands of aligned holes in Peru's Pisco Valley
Peru reveals replica of face of ancient female ruler, the Lady of Cao
CSI Tools Bring a Mummy's Face to Life
Colombia plans to salvage storied shipwreck amid legal challenge
Sebastián Caboto Y El Adelantado Pedro De Mendoza
¿Tienes amigos con antepasados de Chile?

The 2015 Miss Universe Contest and the Philippine Beauties
     by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.
The Alternative Fact  Statement and its Meaning
      by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.

The Eighty Years' War: The Dutch revolt against the Spanish king
Cuando fumar en España era motivo de cárcel
La Escuela de Genealogía y Heráldica, fundada en 1959

Against All Odds, England's Massive Chalk Horse Survived 3,000 Years
Los sucios perros del mar: la guerra entre España y los piratas
Palacio de Carlomagno en Aquisgrán
We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite.
Is Radical Islam Horrifying the West into Paralysis?
The Modernization of Middle East is a Sight to See